Download Video Card Drivers for Windows 8

If you want to play the latest video games on Windows 8, you need the latest video card drivers for the best performance. On this page we are collecting links to the latest drivers for Windows 8 that you need!

Latest Drivers

Download Driver From Our Mirror

Download Official Catalyst Preview Drivers

As of right now, not many drivers are available, but AMD has released official preview drivers for Windows 8 that support all AMD Radeon HD 6000 graphic cards as well as ATI Radeon HD 5000 graphic cards.

Size: 87MB

Official Download Page

Mirror: Download AMD Preview Driver

There are some issues with PowerDVD10 and Windows 8 could crash when you switch from High Performance to Power Saving mode. This will be fixed in later versions of the driver

Download Official NVIDIA Drivers for Windows 8

Depending on your card, the latest NVIDIA drivers will work just fine and can be downloaded from – drivers like the WHQL Quadro/Tesla driver 276.14 will work very well. Also the WHQL 285.62 drivers seems to work very nicely, so not a lot of problems there. However, if you have some special custom-made OEM cards then it’s possible you can run into problems.

Latest NVIDIA Video Card Driver Updates for Windows 7

Download NVIDIA drivers

However, some cards in shuttle PC’s will not work and Windows 8 will only detect a generic driver. Stay tuned for latest updates by bookmarking this site below.

Update 1: NVIDIA plans to release a video card driver when the beta is out.

Published: Monday, January 16th, 2012 Last Modified: November 3, 2014

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