100 Most Awesome Custom Windows 7 Themes 2016

Top 100 Windows 7 Themes 2016 2016 is here, time to review all compilations of the best 100 custom-made 3rd-party Windows 7 themes that were created during the past year(s). If you are still looking for some incredibly cool hand-made themes, this list goes out to you

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If you’re into custom 3rd-party themes, the following compilation features some really cool themes with Mac-inspired shell themes, a Metro-inspired transformation theme and some of other Metro themes

10  Custom Mac Style Windows 7 Themes

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Don’t like the plain white background of your Windows 7 explorer? The following compilation features various Windows 7 themes with completely dark or darkish backgrounds. If you’re a dark personality, the following will surely be a great fit. Some real gems on this list

10 Dark Windows 7 Themes

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Darth vader and other Movie Windows 7 Themes

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Umbrella, Red Faction Sci-Fi Windows 7 Themes

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The following compilation includes 10 very clean Windows 7 themes that are extremely easy on the eye

Clean Gaia 10 Theme

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If you like Alien and Sci-Fi UI’s, this compilation of tech and Alien themes is definitely a must-read for 2016.

Alien Tech Windows 7 Theme

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Into Animes, Hentai and cartoons? The following compilations features the top 10 custom-made craziest Anime Windows 7 themes – so if you like some hand-made 3rd-party themes, this is your list for the year 2016

10 Anime Windows 7 Theme

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Still looking for cool movie themes or an Alienware theme for your computer? This 2016 compilation with 10 of the latest custom themes is a great read then (includes Dexter and Iron Man 3)

10 Alienware And Movie Glass Windows 7 Theme

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Looking for some more girly desktop themes? Sure, we have a couple compilations featuring only girly designs with purple and rose color schemes. If pink is one of your favorite colors and you know how to modify system files this is your list for 2016:

10 Girly Windows 7 Theme

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The following 2013 compilation features various Windows 7 themes, ranging from NHL to old-school video games like Prince of Persia.

10 Mixed Windows 7 Themes


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Installing Themes

One of our best tutorials on the subject how to properly replace system files and install the shell themes is this guide

Want More? Here Are A Few More Meta-Compilations:

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Published: Thursday, January 21st, 2016 Last Modified: January 21, 2016

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