Download Flash Player 11 For Windows 8

Updating the Flash Player is something I highly recommended. The player is frequently exploited, so you should stay away from IE10 until it received the latest flash player

Downloading The Adobe Flash Player 11_Thumb4

Until then you can simply download the flash player that runs on Windows 8 and works for all non-IE browsers. Google Chrome is another browser that relies on internal flash player updates, but Google already updated their browser, so it’s pretty safe to use it for now.

Where to download it?

After downloading the file above, double-click install_flashplaye_mssa_aih.exe and Adobe’s DLM will automatically download both the latest Flash player and McAffe security. You don’t have to install the latter one, it’s simply downloading it – so no worries there, plus McAffee isn’t the worst security solution out there (on a sidenote, I strongly recommend AVG, Panda, Agnitum to my friends and haven’t tested McAffee carefully)

Can I Update the Flash Player 11 for IE10 Manually? No!

Download the flash player and you can use Windows 8 safely – as long as you don’t use IE10 or other browsers that do NOT updater their internal flash players. IE10 relies on the internal version because it is more convenient for the average joe. Unfortunately, that also means you can’t update it manually in any way

Can I download the Flash Player without Adobe DLM?

Yes this is possible – however I would only advise to do that if you have a good reason to. Adobe has created a very reliable download manager so it should be no problem at all to download flash using their .exe file. However, if the download constantly fails, first check your firewall settings, then go to Adobe’s website and find their manual download links

Are there any tools that include flash support so I don’t have to download it?

Yes, some players like VLC already included all codecs that you need to play flash, .swf or .flv files

Flash Player Vlc

You can get it at

I have more questions, can you help me?

Yes, please post any flash-player related questions below. If you have trouble downloading it, we suggest to check your PC configuration carefully first and also use our search box!

Published: Thursday, September 13th, 2012 Last Modified: November 3, 2014

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