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Do you want more than a static Windows 7 desktop? Try our dynamic Windows 7 themes!

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What Are Dynamic Windows 7 Themes?

Dynamic themes allow you to subscribe to media content that is being downloaded and then displayed on your desktop. Then it will be refreshed at your specified interval which you can change in your Windows 7 personalization control panel and your RSS feed properties in your Internet Explorer. If your dynamic themes are not updating see below for more instructions

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Important: It will appear to be not working, but in fact you only need to wait until the theme downloads the RSS feed and then right-click on your desktop, click on “Next desktop background”

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My Dynamic Themes Are Not Updating Or Infrequently

Are you dynamic Windows 7 themes not updating? Or are they not updating regularly? First of read the important note above, then you can try to change the RSS feed properties to change the dynamic theme schedule.

To do that open up your Internet Explorer 9, then

1. Step Hit ALT + C
2. Step Hit CTRL + G
3. Step Right-click your RSS feed, click Properties

Dynamic Themes RSS Feeds

4. Step Click on Settings (update schedule)
Feed Schedules Of Dynamic Windows 7 Themes

5. Step Check the option Automatically check feeds and Web Slices for update

6. Step Select Every – 30 minutes from the dropdown

7. Step You can select custom schedule, change the frequency as well (lower it)

8. Step IMPORTANT: Check Automatically download attached files

9. Step Click Ok and your dynamic Windows 7 themes will update more frequently

Published: Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 Last Modified: November 3, 2014

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