Buying Windows 8? 5 Pros and Cons Plus FREE PDF Comparison (Downloadable)

Before buying Windows 8, you may want to read a little about the pros and cons of Windows 8 and also compare the features. We are impressed with what Microsoft has done with Windows 8, but we want to be objective and that’s why we decided to post a little comparison. Once you made a decision you may want to pre-order a copy, then I recommend to subscribe to our pre-order alert

Features Compared (FREE PDF)

We Compared The Windows 8 Editions And New Features

If you want to make sure you know everything about the different versions and their features, you should download our PDF that compares the versions


The Cons

Five Cons Of Windows 8_Thumb

Let’s start off with the bad things, things we are worried about:

5 Cons

The Pros

Five Pros Of Windows 8_Thumb

We think Windows 8 does a lot of things right and is a great OS for mobile devices, here are our pros

5 Pros


Published: Tuesday, August 21st, 2012 Last Modified: June 15, 2014

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