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Here are the current prices:

The price for the digital upgrade copy is only $40 – compared to the $66 for a copy on Amazin

** OLD News

Would you like to buy Windows 8 now? Of course you do, but it will probably not be available until 2012. You can subscribe to our Windows 8 newsletter and we will notifiy as soon as you can buy Windows 8.


Microsoft offered a discount for Windows 7 pre-orders, so if you want to buy Windows 8 at a cheap discount price make sure to pre-order Windows 8.

Let us know if you find anything about Windows 8 prices, Windows 8 rumors, Windows 8 news, etc.

Pre-Order Windows 8

Important: We can expect the Windows 8 release date to be in 2012 or late 2011. You can’t buy Windows 8 in stores until then, but you can pre-order Windows 8. We will notify you of it via mail as soon as you can pre-order it and buy it a great discount. If you are looking for a discount, you should also see if you qualify for the Windows 8 student edition. This edition can be bought for an awesome discount and maybe you can buy it from your local university or for some student friends.

Buy from who?

The official Microsoft store, Amazon and many online retailers will be selling Windows 8. If you don’t know who to buy it from, I suggest you pick Amazon. They also have great discounts and have a very reliable shipping service. As soon as you can buy it, we will be posting any links here so that you don’t have to search for it.

Published: Thursday, December 31st, 2009 Last Modified: November 5, 2012

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