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Paid Product Reviews $150 – $x,xxx

We average 450,000 uniques per month and over 1 million pageviews. Our core target group (18-24, male) is interested in all sorts of entertainment devices and software and would love to find out more about your product(s). We provide several options for sponsored reviews:

Option 1 – Basic For $150 you can send us your physical product, either directly, via Amazon or to a US postbox* (for American advertisers). We will write a review with at least 5 product shots and at least 450 words.

Own a digital product? Digital product reviews will cost you $180. US postbox delivery will incur additional charges of $35.

Also included in Option 1: Tweeting blog post to 45,000 Followers And Facebook Post To 78,000 Followers

Option 2 – Silver Promo For $250 we will list the product review blog post in our monthly newsletter sent out to 45,000 subscribers with a 10% opening rate.

Option 3 – Gold Promo For $350 we will do all of the above and promote our facebook post for $50, for a total reach of over 50,000 fans (approx.) – please note this is different from option 1, Facebook posts need to be paid for for optimal audience reach.

Option 4 – Deluxe Promo For $450 we will do all of the above and add a small 300×100 banner to our sidebar (at the very bottom) for 4 weeks.

Option 5 – Ultra Deluxe Promo For $650 we will do all of the above and feature the review on our homepage for 30 days using a 300×80 banner (above the fold, most exposure). Expected exposure: 400,000 unique views globally.

Option 6 – Extended Ultra Deluxe Promo For $1690 we will do all of the above and extend the promotion length to 3 consecutive months for all banner ads (sidebar, frontpage + 3x facebook promotion).

Recommended (Best Value): Giveaway Promo

Option 7 – Giveaway Promo For $500 we will include options 1 – 3 and will give away your product in our quarterly raffle with over 400+ participants. All of our raffles and giveaways are featured in our newsletter at not additional costs.

Complete Site Takeover – Roadblock – Ultra Premium Deluxe

For high $x,xxx we will allow you to take over our 3 primary ad banners for 30 days with 2,000,000 expected global ad impressions. Please send us your best offer.

On top of that we will create multiple product reviews, create 1 video review on Youtube, feature your product in our monthly newsletter extensively and on request start a raffle with your products. Please contact us for additional information.

25% Guaranteed US Impressions

We understand that US traffic is generating the best ROI for you. Our site is entirely focused on the American market and we will guarantee at least 25% US impressions (500,000).

25% guaranteed US impressions, 6% UK impressions, 4% DE impressions, 3.5% CA impressions – data last updated 02/11/15

What Is Our Audience Interested In?

We are accepting all ad requests, but will carefully review your proposals. Our audience is interested in entertainment, TV, movies, video games, desktop software, video streaming, Windows products, Apple products, Google products and related products.

We also have a special section for VPN’s, Computer Security And Productivity Guides. Should you be interested in a more targeted promotion for any of our sub-audiences please contact us.