5 x Troubleshooting: Windows 7 themes not working properly

Hello – do you have problems and your Windows 7 themes are not working properly? If that is the case then read on, we have the largest tutorial database for Windows 7 and also know exactly how to fix themes

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Problem 1: Can’t Change Themes

Often, PC’s are not configured correctly and themes are now allowed or more commonly the themes service has stopped

WIndows 7 Theme stuck on classic

You can read this tutorial to fix the themes service , this to start it – if you’re a beginner it’s also possible Windows is configured to not allow styles

It’s also possible that you can’t change the desktop background. In that case, read this tutorial

Problem 2: Getting error This theme can’t be applied to the desktop!

This is a frequent error. Your problem is that you haven’t correctly patches your files. Did you know that Windows 7 does not allow you to install CUSTOM themes by default? Yep, you first need to patch some files before you can do it

Problem 3: Custom Themes Not Working / Black Screen

Black Screen Themes Panel

If you are new to customizing Windows 7, it’s possible you forgot to patch your DLL files OR you forgot to copy the styles into the correct folder.

Problem 4: Windows 8 themes are not working

Cachedimage 19 Theme Background.png

Windows 8 is a little different and to tame this cow you need to configure the policy editor or change the Easy of Access center


Problem 5: Admin does not allow themes

There is a policy editor that allows admins to simply disallow the change of themes

Windows 7  Policy Personalization

If you would like to know how to disable or enable it, check the Windows 7 theme group policy

If you are still having trouble installing themes on Windows 7 or you have a different questions, please post a comment below or contact us via mail. Also bookmark our site for daily updates

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Published: Friday, February 1st, 2013 Last Modified: March 11, 2014

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