Windows Phone Rules Latin America

Microsoft released a statement on Thursday surrounding the important of Windows Phone in Latin America, and with it shows that the Windows Phone technology is the second most widely used operating system in Latin America to date.

The figures released by Microsoft and IDC, point to Windows Phone gaining popularity with users throughout the Latin American Countries. With the continued new phones by Nokia, the price of acquiring Windows Phones dropping, and software improving, Latin America is king for Windows Phone.


Most Popular In Latin America

The report shows that Windows Phone is second in numbers in Mexico, Columbia, Peru, and Columbia. The highest number of user preference ratings point to Windows Phone becoming hugely popular with users in those countries, and that the trend for Windows Phones in these emerging markets growing by the day.

Over 20 Countries Available in Latin America

The note from Windows Phone and Microsoft points to Windows Phone being available in over 20 Latin American countries to date, and they range from the lowest to highest models. The Nokia Lumia 520 was sited as the entry level phone in most markets while the Nokia Lumia 920 was given high praises with its tight Microsoft integration.

Major Marketing Aimed For In Next Months

A number of Microsoft executives and spokespeople are quoted in the article in relations to the Latin American numbers. Microsoft according to these people will be making a major push in these Latin American countries in the next few months, and gunning for the Android and iOS markets where the number one phones are currently being sold. With low costs phones, a set of features unrivaled by others, and hardware bundles, Microsoft can make this move quickly and efficiently.

It’s pointed out that Latin America is huge for Windows Phone, and Microsoft wants this market bad. They can undercut rivals with price, offer carriers a number of different phone options, and give consumers the services and phones that they want for a low price. From a low end to high end phone, Windows Phone is growing, and is giving customers a very Windows friendly phone that they can use. Hopefully, these will result in huge holiday numbers for Windows Phone and Microsoft

Published: Saturday, June 14th, 2014 Last Modified: June 14, 2014

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