Windows 8 Wishlist Project

Windows 7 has been Microsoft’s best-selling Windows ever. 7 is a worthy successor of XP and Vista, but there’s still room for a lot of improvements.

Windows 8 Wishlist

Let’s think about the future for a moment. What are your wishes for Windows 8?
We can make this the ultimate Windows 8 wishlist!

My Windows 8 Wishlist

I am especially unhappy with the taskbar icons and the Windows rights management as well as the network sharing in Windows 7. Of course, many times 3rd-party tools interfere, but Windows should be able to work flawlessly with modern firewalls activated.

This list will grow over time, but for now here are ten ideas that I would certainly put on my Windows 8 wishlist:

10. Step Built-in Support for 3rd-party themes

9. Step Improved ZIP Manager (that is able to extract more file formats)

8. StepScalable, stackable taskbar icons

7. Step Editor for Windows Themes (at least a simple editor to modify the images)

6. Step New Browser with improved tab management (colors, multiple rows, etc.)

5. Step Shortcut Manager (that allows you to add custom shortcuts for Windows commands)

4. Step Secure Note Manager that is integrated into the new explorer and can include references to files, hyperlinks and documents

3. Step Advanced Disk Manager (including a disk tree to find large folders and files)

2. StepDialog Manager (more flexibility to customize your PC and add important folders to common dialogs)

1. StepSimplified New Rights Management & Improved Network Sharing (sharing printers or files is still too much trouble sometimes, especially when firewalls interfere)

Your Windows 8 Wishlist:

Reply to this post and let us know of your wishes. Do you want a fancy new GUI or do your want to some real features that improve your productivity? Let us know and they will be added.

Pictures, concepts, links are more than welcome!!

External Windows 8 Wishlists:

Of course, many tech blogs report about Windows 7 problems every day. This is going to be a list of all things that people want to see fixed in Windows 8:

What Microsoft must fix for Windows 8 (Mike Williams)

What I Think Users Want in the Next Version of Windows (Ryan Tetzlaff)

Know a wishlist that should be on this list? Let us know!

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- Cheers!

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35 Responses to Windows 8 Wishlist Project

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Eric said:

    My wishlist for Windows 8 would be to have a media center. Something that integrated all media; music, video, social sites, e-mail, plus make it more customizable. Insted of having themes to download give us the toolsto make our own themes – EASILY!

  2. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Herb said:

    Integrated email. Windows Live does not cut it, a very impersonal interface and “cold” feeling. Too bussiness like.

  3. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Danish Sayed said:

    This is an awesome concept of the WISHLIST(S)…
    My wishlist for Windows 8 would be to have a graphic accelerator that is integrated graphic card installer, so we have an option to buy a graphics card rather it being a mandate.
    Another wish would be a theme maker, so that we dont waste time downloading themes…instead create our OWN…
    Thank you

  4. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    hipockets said:

    Here’s my contribution to the wish list:

    I have read at various sites that it is not a good idea to have more than one anti-virus application installed, since (a) they might interfere with each other and cause system problems, and (b) having two apps running at the same time doing essentially the same thing would waste resources.

    Even so, it seems to me that it would be a tad safer to have two, since each app would have its own virus database, etc.

    So at the top of my wish list is a small utility that would temporarily totally disable one anti-virus application and enable another one. Assuming “AppA” is the primary anti-virus program, the utility would first run “App A”, then temporarily disable it, then run “App B”, then disable it, then make “AppA” active again, then show / save a report for both apps.

    Of course, anything found by either app that’s dangerous would be quarantined.

    Might even extend the idea to “AppC”, “AppD”, etc.

  5. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Fox said:

    The ability to easily cluster computers together into a “supercomputer” by simply networking them together, and when I say easy, I mean something along the lines of plug and play. Maybe throw in a little program that helps organize what each system does. It’d be nice to wire my old computers together (that would be 14 computers) to render my 10gb+ image files quickly.

  6. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    JM said:

    Why not send this list to Microsoft for consideration? The site allows anyone to comment on upcoming products, and existing ones. You just need a Live ID to sign in.

  7. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Satyan Bajaj said:

    1. Integration with Windows Live services in the context menu.
    eg.(Ability to upload or send photo to via the context menu)

    2. Different codec recording in Windows media center(Ability to record Live TV in AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, HD ENCODER, instead of the default WTV or DVR-MS formats)

    3. Improved Network sharing would be great, yes it is troublesome at times.

    4. An in built Folder password protection program.(Again context menu integration would be great)

    I am not a power user but something I would like to check is my hardware for any problems like my display card, RAM, HDD. Narrowing down and locating which peripheral is causing a problem. There are tools out there to test it via BootCD or Flash drive, but way too confusing to use, even Memtest.

    And I agree with another point in one of the external links.
    Windows Explorer needs major attention, too. At a minimum, let’s fix the basics: we really shouldn’t still be wondering why the program forgets our folder settings at random moments, say (or dumping the option entirely as appears to be the case with Windows 7)

    I never understand why my explorer settings go berserk at times, it’s annoying to re-size the preview window every time I open a folder or drive in explorer. And even more annoying when my View option is set to Large Icons or Tiles when I have selected Details both in Explorer and even for search results.

    And will add more to the wishlist as soon as I can think of some more features.

  8. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Saksham Talwar said:

    Hey a great wish list! I would like to add a few more points,

    1.) An inbuilt password storer
    2.) Support or compatibility for older version of graphic,sound cards,etc.
    3.) An inbuilt download manager like IDM to speed up downloads.
    4.) More features in Ms. Paint, Snipping Tool, Etc.
    5.) Make games in Microsoft Computers more advanced with lesser hardware commodities. The Solitaire in Windows 7 requires graphic card, but the game isn’t advanced in playing, just has improved in looks.

    Also I agree with Satyan Bajaj’s points.

  9. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    root said:

    different versions for different needs:
    - simpel and fast for business purposes (without mediacenter, games, screensavers, (fancy)themes etc)
    - mediacenter: big icons (or dock like objectdock), all media/audio codecs
    - best of both worlds for all other (home) users

  10. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    JacobT said:

    My wishlist is GAMING! Im a big gamer so i was hoping windows 7 would come with some sort of 3d game. I was wrong. I usually use steam so i want windows 8 to have a gamers edition i know it sounds silly but i want to have it like to have a option to install a torrent application, steam(google it), and maybe firefox. IE is so slow.

  11. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    liquidx021 said:

    Add an “Enter” on right click menu as paste and copy,would save some time.

  12. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    John Marshall said:

    I would like to have an customizable bootscreen animation. Also, a customizable bootscreen sound.


  13. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Mark Souvalian said:

    My top requests for Windows 8 is :

    1. Should use Kinect (for Xbox 360) to introduce free space full gesture recognition to run tasks like Tony Stark does in the Iron Man and include biometric login for security.

    2. Would also be nice to do everything from my windows mobile phone too.

    Windows 9 wish list:

    1. Navigate around Windows 9 by thinking my way through the operating systems controls and tasks.

  14. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    vyk said:

    add more colors… it looks glossy but when i photoshop or designing softwares i feel lack of colors.. add more colors…

  15. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Reid Patterson said:

    The first thing is SCRAP Windows 7 Explorer and go Back to something more like Windows XP Explorer. I need to see my files listed and displayed the way “I” want them listed and displayed, NOT the way Microsoft thinks they should be displayed. I want to set my preferences ONCE and Never have to tell Windows Explorer ever again how I want it to work. I want to see the File name and DateTime FIRST. I need to see a Reverse Chronological list by default in DETAILED view, Not with Icons. Just the Name and DateTime, then maybe the file Type. I need to see my Drives. I can’t see any way to change Drives in Windows 7 Explorer!!!

    Secondly, I shouldn’t have to tell MS-Paint where to save my files. It should Latch to the last specified Drive and Directory, and that same Drive and Directory should be used for saving pictures from within Internet Explorer. Why is it so Hard for an Operating System and these two Modules to remember where I LAST saved a JPG/BMP ?
    If I go back into these modules after doing something else, like MS-Word, or go back into them the next day after shutting down, it should STILL remember the Drive and Directory I last used. There’s currently no sharing of this Save File specification info between MS-Paint and Internet Explorer, but there Should be.
    The same goes for the O/S remembering the File Save specification info between MS-Word, Notepad, and MS-Excel. The default should always be the LAST drive and directory I saved to. READ MY MIND, you stupid computer! Save me have to do so much unnecessary Typing and Clicking to tell the Save dialog box what it should already Know.

    Thirdly, the File Search utility accessed from the Start menu (e.g. in Windows XP) has never worked right. FIX it! Back to BASICS. FIX the basic modules, BEFORE adding any Bells-and-Whistles like cutesy sound effects.

  16. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    prashu said:

    I would like to add….
    an IM(instantant messenger)to be used with all major providers…yahoo,gtalk etc…
    and has VOIP facilities….

  17. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    wattup? said:

    I prefer only having my dock not to full and all the programs I use stacked down left corner where the quick launch bar used to be able to be stacked. Now I either have to go to my dock or search in the start menu.

  18. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Purshotam said:

    There should be a way to resume copy/past immediately after accidentally cancel.

  19. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Farhood Kankash said:
    See my Concept!

  20. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    John said:

    * Ability to pin individual folders to taskbar, without having to go trough windows explorer
    * customizable navigation pane (for folders)
    * remove Libraries

  21. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Strikey said:

    Remove border padding, make faster, simple design, simple animation but beautiful, accelerate for graphic, improve color management, more improve memory management, no BSOD…

  22. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Lee Garber said:

    I agree with the no BSOD. Also a more advanced task manager with a means by which stuck programs could be reset with a simple “one click” – rather than having to rely on process explorer from system internals or antivir task manager. Also built it traying functions for apps and automated versioning backups.

  23. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    JohnS said:

    This is what I think they should improve, to make Windows much more reliable and less prone to getting slower over the years:

    Still have a centralised registry, but make it load selectively, so that not ALL the registry is loaded at startup, and each time you open a file, etc. It should only load the bits you need, and at a short delay from the end of your startup, then it should start loading the files you are likely to be using soon.

    Then, it should have automatic defragmentation, and stop fragmentation from happening in the first place. It should:
    1. Fit files into larger spaces on the hard drive to ensure that it has space to fit in the updates etc next to it.

    2. When you open a file, it should automatically check if it is fragmented and, if so, defragment it automatically.

    3.Automatically gather groups of small files, group them and move them to larger spaces on the hard drive to defragment them. This only works on small files, since otherwise it could slow down the opening of these files.

  24. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Country Boy said:

    My wish list is that it could run Mac software and a way to sync with your smart phone or Ipad to make it act as just another screen for your computer and run it anywhere.

  25. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Jim Harm said:

    I would like to see the underlying way that files/folders are stored on the disk and the Windows registry file turned into a relational database structure. The big advantage would be referential integrity along with other advantages I probably just haven’t thought of at the moment.
    It seems to me that this would make reorganizing files/folders on my system much simpler. For example; let’s say that I’ve installed allot of programs on drive C, in a folder named “My Programs”. Maybe I would just like to rename the “My Programs” folder to “All My Programs” for 1 reason or another or,,, at some point in time, I am running out of space on drive C & would like to move “My Programs” to a separate drive D. Having an RDBM based system would make this reorganization possible. Having referential integrity inherent in an RDBM, all of the registry entries for all of the programs stored in the “My Programs” folder would be updated appropriately as well as the actual locations of all of the programs on the disk.
    I don’t know if my example, and it was just an example, makes any sense to anyone else, but I often times would like to rename/change locations of things on my system & it’s not a simple thing to do with the present day architecture of Windows.

  26. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Mukesh Singh Rana said:

    Window8 is is futer. so it should be more easy, more fast, more secure. its media player should be universal, supporting all formets of vidoes & audios & pictures. its gadget should be better & faster. its networking & server is better than 7. the main prob in window7 is security & installation of softwares. so in 8 its good if there is no problem lyk this. & u all know 7 problems better than me. so try to solve them…………………… and please make window8 intersting & its icons and thems better nt lyk 7………………

  27. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    mike said:

    preview files in zip or winRAR folders, to make sure its not a virus or incorrect programs, simply left click it once to highlight it and the preview will be shown on the right side pane with size, name, and what file extension (that your computer can read and accociate programs with, text, start.exe etc)

    built in dvd program to customize the dvd main menu, such as special features, downloads, wallpappers, etc, and allow the user to edit the movie as much as they like (cutting sexual clips for underage, edit profanity, cut out drug related use)and put multiple movies on a single disk

    easy to use search bar to find any program out there that can be downloaded for free or trial with ne spam or fake download links (download.cnet, etc) with direct download to place where you need to use or install

    in my opinion windows 8 should use minimal use of hard drive space, ram, and cpu usage to maximize speed and multitasking, so you dont watch a movie online and have somthing downloading and the movie starts skipping or slowing down buffering

  28. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Sarvesh said:

    A most wanted feature in windows 8 i want is clip-board history & accidently deleted history items recovery tool
    by this feature we can see the what files we are copied & moved. sometimes we copy a important file to pen-driv & delete it from pc,
    later we need it urgently & we don’t have that pen-drive then we can view which file was that & we can recover it succesfully.
    Sometimes we modifie or replace 1 file to another file then later we
    want its previous unmodified version that is important then we can view its original file & replace modified file with original file.
    This tool looks like very small but is very very important & most wanted in given situations hope you”” listen this & provide feedback to microsoft for upcoming windows versions featur improvments.

  29. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Nikhil said:

    I would like i win8 task bar be a little thinner more a software to extarct all file formats,it should be able to run softwares comaplitable with xp and it should be smaller not huge as 8gb or 10gb as windows 7 nor it should take much graphic as windows 7 so high graphic game works properly

  30. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Lucas said:

    Personally, a clean desktop is a requirement, along with two or more monitors. I love having no icons on the desktop, other than the few: Recycle Bin and a folder I have called “Other” which I organize later.

    I fell in love with the Windows 7 Taskbar (aka the Superbar). The productivity rate changed for me beautifully and I was able to complete my many tasks much faster. Yet, with multiple monitors and many applications (around 130), I find it often aggravating to navigate to them via the start menu when the taskbar is full. In Windows XP, you could create a toolbar and drag it out to make a second taskbar, and that feature I LOVED! I cant do that in Windows 7, and have much anger and frustration with icon docking software like ObjectDock and RocketDock because they take more system resources than should be required, and are too much for my taste: Not as simple as the native taskbar. I would LOVE LOVE the option to add multiple Taskbars (this feature being native to Windows 8), and all of them have the same options and features of the original taskbar. I would like to choose how many I would like to have, and place them on whatever monitor I please. This would really help productivity. Google “multiple Taskbars in windows 7″ and you will find that many people want software that makes multiple Taskbars that are identical to the default.

    I would also love to have a tabbed explorer. When tabbed web browsing came into the playing field, It won the game quickly and easily than having multiple browsers open (Internet explorer 6 to state an example as one that cant). In Windows 7, the folder browsing is very well laid out, and added with the ability to pin them to the sides of the monitor, it helps much! But productivity would be increased if the consumer had the option to have tabbed folders, and be able to drag one file to the other. That is just another idea I would like.

    A third idea is for Windows 8 to offer the option to have a tabbed desktop similar to Crunchbang Linux. It is not a big priority, but many people would like the idea :D

    They should keep the ability to preview and read/listen to media inside the folder without opening the default application. This was removed from Windows 2000 (songs, videos, etc). It came back in Windows 7 and I was in LOOOVE.

  31. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Andacar said:

    A tag metadata system that isn’t simply aimed at photographers and people cataloging MP3s. The ability to put tags on any file format, be it a video, image, document, spreadsheet, etc., using the same editor

    More easily edited Library Icons.

    The ability to have clutter free desktops and such is great for some, but Don’t force us to get married to it. I’m of the opposite opinion: I like a bit of clutter here and there. Similarly, don’t force us all into the kind of interface you see on trendoid portable devices. It should easily be switchable to that if people want, but getting rid of a real desktop environment would be the kiss of death for me.

    How about the ability to set up shares and permissions that don’t require a PHD in networking. I’m tired of the oft complained of situation in which people aren’t the owners or administrators of their own stuff. Right now it’s just too complicated.

  32. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    jerzu said:

    Shutdown Timer Gadgets !! I need this shit!!

  33. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Jeffrey said:

    I really like the snap to 1/2 of screen feature. However, it would be even better if it worked the other way too. That is to say 1/2 of top and 1/2 of bottom of the screen. That allows a much wider view of excel spreadsheets and project files without scrolling as much.

  34. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Katre Rajeshwar said:

    Windows should made Windows 8 OS in such a way that it reducess processing power. This will be adaptation for old Core Processors. Windows 8 should have Glassy transparent look in such a way that it will reduces less power of both Processor and Battery. I hope Microsoft Windows will notice my comment..
    I want to see reply about this comment from Microsoft.. Thank you.

  35. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    GSM said:

    I want performance software pre-installed free

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