Windows 8 Screensaver

Many new Windows 8 screensavers have been added lately to our site. If you found any new screensaver, make sure to submit them to our site. We will be updating the screensavers regularly.

Download Windows 8 Screensaver

The classical Windows 8 Super Mario screensaver is one of my long time favorites:
Windows 8 Scrensaver: Super Mario


The Windows 8 Matrix screensaver is another great addition and even works on multi-monitor setups.

Windows 8 Matrix Screensaver

You can also tweak all of your built-in Windows 8 screensaver via some cool Windows 8 registry or with the help of some little tools:

Customize Windows 7 Screensaver

Customize Screensaver

You can submit new Windows 8 screensavers via our submission system (Site -> Submit)

Many of the old Windows Vista, XP, 7 screensaver are compatible with Windows 8!

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