Windows 8 Download

As soon as there be a Windows 8 download for you, we will post it here. Microsoft will shift their focus towards Windows 8 in their next fiscal year which will be around June if I remember it correctly.

Soon we will be able to download many Windows 8 builds again. I am 100% sure that Microsoft released those leaked builds with intention. Never before they had so many leaks. In fact, all of the downloadable Windows 8 leaks are going to create a huge hype again and that’s just what Windows 8 needs, publicity, positive publicity.

Windows 8 downloads will go up like crazy again as soon as we have some positive publicity. Many people are already looking forward to get their hands on Windows 8 and download Windows 8 wallpaper, themes and screensaver. Of course we offer all of those downloads and will make sure that you get only high-quality download links.

If you find any useful Windows 8 downloads, post a reply and we will start a list of downloads!

For now, you might want to download our 5000 Windows 8 Wallpaper or our 10+ Windows 8 themes

Soon we will provide some nice downloads to speed up Windows 8. For further reference, please consult our Windows 8 wiki.

Published: Monday, January 18th, 2010 Last Modified: January 21, 2010

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