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Recent Tutorials

Posted: September 30 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Shadow of Mordor is out and users have been reporting various problems with SLI and black screens. Here are a few solutions


Posted: September 28 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Shadow of Mordor is a truly beautiful game, but like many other it may require some of you to look into making your computer and games faster. Here are 7 tips that may help you to get that done before the game is even released.


Posted: August 30 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

This is not NSA specific, but ad networks create meta-profiles on you every day and even sell them. It is likely that up to 150 random ad networks know your buying behaviour and browsing habits.


Posted: August 14 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

PDF is great for storing documents, but sometimes you may want to analyze the data stored in a PDF, then it is a good idea to convert your PDF files to Excel for better analysis


Posted: August 5 Tutorials - by Will McGuire

Did you know that you can now use a Google Chrome extension to the remotely control your PC from anywhere using your android device? Here’s how!


Posted: August 5 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

A lot of guides on the internet get this wrong, so I thought I would write an article how you can really clear your DNS cache when your DNS provider is caching IPs


Recent News

Posted: August 13 Windows 8 News - by Dave Amodt

As much has been talked about with Microsoft, the latest fix for Windows 8.1 has hit the servers, and is available for download. The new Windows 8.1 August update has a number of features built-in, and should be a needed download for all types of users, from simple to advanced.


Posted: August 1 Windows 8 News - by Dave Amodt

The upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update is slowly coming to Windows Phones, and one of the major updates was the redo of Internet Explorer 11. On Thursday, Microsoft talked up the upcoming IE 11 updates, and also announced the upcoming BBM Beta for Windows Phones as well.


Posted: July 31 Windows 8 News - by Dave Amodt

Windows Phone 8.1 has taken over the Windows Phone community by storm, and the reviews of the updated software has made Windows Phone fans excited. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the expansion of the product into China and the UK, along with other new features.


Posted: July 16 Windows 8 News - by Dave Amodt

The Windows 8.1 rollout was announced by Microsoft, and slowly manufacturers are rolling out the update to its phone users. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced via the Nokia conversations blog, that the Lumia Cyan software update along with Windows Phone 8.1 is coming to Lumia phones.


Posted: July 16 Windows 8 News - by Dave Amodt

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 has grown on users for the most part, and many have the understanding that Microsoft is still working on this operating system. But over the weekend, rumors and pictures about a Windows 8.1 Start Menu certainly got a lot of attention.


Posted: July 11 Windows 8 News - by Dave Amodt

The Windows Phone platform and its phones have been an exciting way to view and shoot video, but editing that video has been somewhat of a chore on the phone. Microsoft this week released a Video Tuner program that will now allow video editing on Windows Phones for all.