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FEATURED: Zelda Ocarina of Time Skin For Windows 7 With OOT Dock, Clock, Resource Monitor

Zelda Ocarina of Time Skin For Windows 7 With OOT Dock, Clock, Resource Monitor Zelda fans may want something special to customize their desktops. This Ocarina of Time skin supports Windows 7 and comes with a dock, clock and resource monitor

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Posted: September 5 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Zelda For Wii U 2014 Small Thumb4 150x150 Jpg The new Zelda every Nintendo fan is waiting for will not be released until 2014 – but it looks pretty darn cool

Posted: July 4 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

The Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask Wii U Logo Thumb 150x150 Jpg Creators of a fan-made teaser trailer for a rerelease of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask are reportedly talking to Nintendo, pitching a project.

Posted: June 13 2012 - Written by: Jon Charles

Retro Studios Not Working On Zelda Thumb 150x150 Jpg That Zelda game from Nintendo’s best team? Not happening.

Posted: January 7 2011 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Dark The Legend Of Zelda Google Chrome Theme Small 100x100 Jpg Ocarina of Time was without question the best N64 game ever created and is until today, probably the most played Zelda game. If you like Zelda: Ocarino of Time as much as we do, download this free Zelda Google Chrome theme:

Posted: June 16 2010 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Zelda Skyward Sword Wallpapers 100x100 Jpg If you can’t wait for Zelda Skyward Sword, here are some fresh new Zelda Skyward Sword Wallpaper that I created using some of the promo material of the game. You can download the wallpapers individually or download the wallpaper theme for Windows 7!

Posted: May 8 2010 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Play Super Mario Bros Online For Free Without Downloading Anything 100x100 Jpg If you always wanted to play Super Mario Bros. as Link using a sword, here’s your chance. Crossover is a Super Mario Bros clone that you can play online for free without downloading anything. Careful – highly addictive!

Posted: January 14 2010 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Zelda Wii Release Date 2010 100x100 Jpg As we previously reported, Zelda: Skyward Sword is supposed to be released in 2010. However, in a recent interview Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated that they will not release Zelda: Skyward Sword “until it’s perfect”. Will the new Zelda will be the best Zelda ever?

Posted: January 7 2010 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Windows 7 Zelda Theme 100x100 Jpg I know many of you have been waiting for a Zelda theme for Windows 7. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks has been released recently and Nintendo announced that there will be a new Zelda game for the Wii in 2010. The myth of Zelda is alive! 13 New HD Zelda Wallpaper, a Triforce Screensaver, Zelda Cursors, Zelda Icons and many Zelda sounds will make you feel right at home. Hyrule forever!