Windows 7 Shutdown Timer

Windows 7 Shutdown Timer A shutdown timer for Windows 7 might come in handy if you want to schedule your PC shutdown. There are some handy tools that can help you to do that, one of the best comes from Sinvise Systems. (more…)

Windows 7 Uptime Gadget

Windows 7 Uptime Gadget Have you been looking for an Uptime gadget for Windows 7? You will find plenty of Uptime gadgets for Windows Vista and 7, but some of them are not working properly. I fixed one of the best Uptime gadgets for you! (more…)

Alarm Clock for Windows 7

Alarm Clock for Windows 7 Don’t have one of those stylish iPhone alarm clocks that wake you up every morning playing your favorite song? You don’t need one! There’s a great alternative, simply grab the Windows 7 Alarm Clock Gadget that can do the same. (more…)

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