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FEATURED: Start Windows 7 Taskbar Programs via Shortcuts

Start Windows 7 Taskbar Programs via Shortcuts You probably knew that you can create shortcuts in Windows 7 to launch your programs, but did you know that you can start the taskbar programs using the Windows and number keys? If you didn’t, you should print the list of Windows 7 shortcuts.

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Posted: April 19 2010 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Windows 7 Startup Programs Manager 100x83 Jpg We previously explained how to turn off startup programs in Windows 7 or how to add new startup programs. However, some malware can add hidden startup programs that you have to disable manually.

Posted: April 2 2010 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

How To Add Programs To Start Menu Windows 7 100x27 Jpg If you want to add programs to the start menu in Windows 7, you should first know that the Start Menu is divided into two sections: The left pane is for the programs and search bar and the right one for system folders, personal folders and administrative tasks.

Posted: March 12 2010 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

List Of Open With Programs 100x100 Jpg Want to remove all the programs listed in your context menu/open with? If so, here’s a handy trick that allows you to remove all “open with” programs.

Posted: February 25 2010 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

How To Run Old Games Programs On Windows 7 100x100 Jpg Microsoft has released a patch to make Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible with old games and programs. So, if you want to play old games or run old programs on Windows 7, you better download this. Diablo 1, Halo 2, HAWX, HL1, THPS4, Doom 3, Warcraft 3 here we come (all supported now)