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FEATURED: Missing operating system: Windows 7

Missing operating system: Windows 7 After starting my PC today, I was staring at a little message on my screen: Missing operating system. At first I was a little bit shocked, but of course I knew that this only means that either my disk has some small disk errors or my master boot recordĀ  is damaged.

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Posted: September 29 2009 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Thailand 1 150x150 Jpg .. although some of them might not be that new, because they have been in development for over 2 years by now. Overall, there are currently 5 new operating systems in development. Here’s the list: 1. Windows 8 (Windows 7 Successor) 2. Windows Midori (Written entirely in managed code) 3. Windows Singularity (Basically the same as Windows Midori) 4. Windows Azure (Cloud Computing OS) 5. Barrelfish (Multicore OS) Ok, that might be a shock for some. Here’s another surprise…