Windows 7 Matrix Theme 2014

Windows 7 Matrix Theme 2014 We have updated out Matrix Windows 7 theme with a new Start button. If you want a moving, animated Matrix Wallpaper, a dual-screen Matrix screensaver, an EMP Start button and Matrix desktop icons, download this special Matrix theme for Windows 7! (more…)

Google Chrome Matrix Theme

Google Chrome Matrix Theme Apparently, the rumors that two new Matrix sequels were coming, were just that – rumors. This Matrix Google Chrome theme is not a rumor, download it for free after the break. (more…)

Matrix Screensaver for Windows 7

Matrix Screensaver for Windows 7 Have you been looking for a Matrix Screensaver for Windows 7? I’ve been using one on both my monitors, it looks pretty amazing. The dual-monitor screensaver comes with a lot of cool settings and you can even enable the intro of “The Matrix”. (more…)

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