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Posted: January 21 2010 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Hibernation Button Windows 7 100x100 Jpg Previously, I explained how to disable hibernation in Windows 7 and how to delete hiberfil.sys in Windows 7, but what if you want to enable hibernation in Windows 7? It’s better than standby, will completely shut down your PC and will give you almost instant access to your PC and restore all applications that were running before.

Posted: January 3 2010 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Windows 7 Godmode 98x100 Jpg Have you ever wondered if there are any secret Windows 7 features? Most games have a godmode, something that will enable all cheats and features. Windows 7 too. This is going to be a brief tutorial that will allow you to enable the secret godmode in Windows 7.

Posted: December 28 2009 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

How To Enable 3d Vision 100x100 Jpg Since Avatar (Avatar Theme) there is quite a hype about everything 3D. The latest NVIDIA drivers for Windows 7 include 3D Vision and the most popular MMO World of Warcraft supports 3D Vision since patch 3.08! This is a detailed guide that will show you what equipment you need for 3D Vision and how you can watch 3D movies and images on your PC without expensive 3D glasses.

Posted: November 27 2009 - Written by: Oliver Krautscheid

Windows 7 Enable Dma 100x100 Jpg If you want to speed up your transfer rate, because your device is currently running in PIO mode 4, you got to enable DMA. DMA (Direct Memory Access) will increase your device transfer rates. This is a tutorial that will help you to enable DMA in Windows 7.