Stopwatch / Countdown Gadget That Works Great On Your Desktop

Stopwatch / Countdown Gadget That Works Great On Your Desktop ┬áHere is a great little gadget that features both a stopwatch and a timer, right on your desktop! Perfect for countdowns on your desktop (more…)

Windows 7 Countdown Gadget

Windows 7 Countdown Gadget Do you need a countdown gadget for Windows 7? A countdown gadget can always come in handy, e.g. if you don’t want to miss an important date or need to get a notice to remember your stuff. Try this countdown gadget, it works pretty well. (more…)

IPv4 Exhaustion Countdown Widget!

IPv4 Exhaustion Countdown Widget! Did you know that we are running out of IP addresses? The internet is growing constantly and due to a major economy and internet boom in China and India we will soon be running out of IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses will be the new standard. The countdown to IPv4 exhaustion is ticking! (more…)

Windows 7 Countdown

Windows 7 Countdown Ok since we are getting closer to RTM, here’s the official #1 countdown till we can buy Windows 7:


General Availability: 22 October 2009 Release to Manufacturing: End of July You don’t want to miss the date Windows 7 becomes available for preorder/purchase?
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