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Bitcoin and MSFT

BTC in USD: 602.348, Last updated: 6:30 PM EST

MSFT Stock in USD: "57.43", Last updated: 6:30 PM EST

EA Stock in USD: "84.26", Last updated: 3:10 PM EST

Discussion App Disqus Gets Windows 10 App Approval

Msft Win10discussapp 100x100 Png Disqus is one of those services that most people have used on the Internet today, but probably don’t realize they have used it. It powers many of the comments on websites and blogs on the Internet today, and now has a Universal Windows App in beta on Windows 10. Read More

Bring Google Photos To Windows 10 Via Client For Google Photos

Msft Win10clientgooglephotos 100x100 Jpg Google Photos has never launched an official app for Windows 10, and that has frustrated many Windows 10 users who use Google’s service. But, a third party has come to help Windows 10 users, and their Client for Google Photos might just do it. Read More