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Bitcoin and MSFT

BTC in USD: 955.328, Last updated: 9:50 PM EST

MSFT Stock in USD: "64.98", Last updated: 9:50 PM EST

EA Stock in USD: "89.35", Last updated: 8:10 PM EST

Disqus Makes Web Converations Better With Windows 10 App

Msft Win10disqusupdateapp 100x100 Jpg We have discussed the Discus app on the Windows 10 platform before, and its been a fine app for those who use its commenting service on the web. Recently, Disqus has improved its app, and its gotten a lot better for Windows 10 users. Read More

Skype Gets Major Windows 10 App Updated

Msft Win10skypewin10app 100x100 Png Skype has certainly evolved as a Windows 10 app as Windows 10 has as well. Microsoft has improved it, and made it a center of its messaging platform for Windows 10. Recently, Microsoft updated Skype and took it out of preview mode. Read More