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Bitcoin and MSFT

BTC in USD: 766, Last updated: 1:20 PM EST

MSFT Stock in USD: "59.25", Last updated: 1:20 PM EST

EA Stock in USD: "75.86", Last updated: 10:10 AM EST

Play All Media Types With ACG Player On Windows 10

Msft Win10acgplayer 100x100 Jpg The Windows 10 platform allows for a lot of media files to be played natively, but many users still have a preferred media player of their choosing. A newer universal media player has launched, and its ACG Player from Axilesoft. Read More

Watch Free HD Movies With Movies HD Online

Msft Win10movieshdonline 100x100 Jpg If you enjoy movies, you are probably familiar with the big apps like Netflix and others that are available for Windows 10. But, a new one has come along, and its called Movies HD Online from Movie Box Studio, and is one to check out. Read More