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Bitcoin and MSFT

BTC in USD: 2087.447, Last updated: 1:50 AM EST

MSFT Stock in USD: "69.96", Last updated: 1:50 AM EST

EA Stock in USD: "112.13", Last updated: 12:10 AM EST

Join Screenshots Easy With Screenshot Join On Windows 10

Msft Win10screenshotjoin 100x100 Jpg There are often times where you might need to join together a number of screenshots on your Windows 10 PC, but you don’t know how to, or need a program do help with that process. Now, Screenshot Join helps with that for you. Read More

Microsoft Shows Off Windows 10 Whiteboard App

Office 365 May News 2 100x100 Gif During its unveiling of the new Surface Pro devices in China, Microsoft also unveiled a new China version of Windows 10, and something else. The something else was a new Whiteboard app coming to Windows 10. Read More