Pre-order Windows 8

If you want to preorder Windows 8, register below and you will be the first to know. Everyone who pre-ordered Windows 7 received Windows 7 at a great discount if he ordered it from specific online retailers. If you want to pre-order Windows 8 and get a huge discount, sign up for our Windows 8 Pre-order alert and we will notify you via mail as soon as that is possible!

If they follow the current trend they might even give us some special rewards for pre-ordering Windows 8, for example access to the closed beta or some special Windows 8 gadgets. Did you pre-order Windows 7? If so, are you satisfied with Windows 7 and are going to pre-order Windows 8? We are curious and want to hear your opinion. Please vote:

If you are looking forward to Windows 8 and you want to get your hands on it as soon as possible, we fully understand that, we’re feeling the same ;)

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