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Posted: October 23 - Written by: Dave
Msft Azuregovtservices1 100x100 Jpg

Late Monday, Microsoft announced a special tier of its Azure cloud services exclusively for US government usage. The news comes after Microsoft earned its special form of exclusive authorization to sell produce and services to the US government last week.

Posted: October 23 - Written by: Dave
Msft Enterpriseproducts1 100x100 Jpg

On Monday, Microsoft announced a number of enterprise cloud solutions that will help enterprise customers manage their servers and information in a more robust way. These new cloud solutions are aimed to help businesses get in the cloud and utilize their data better.

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Posted: March 6 - Written by: Oliver
What Flash Files Are Loaded Thumb Jpg

If you want to know what kind of flash elements are in your cache when you visit certain websites, you should definitely consider downloading VideoCacheView.

Posted: March 6 - Written by: Oliver
Windows 8 Installation Failed We Couldnt Install Consumer Preview 150x150 Jpg

If you are trying to install Windows 8 and you get the error “We’re not sure what happened, but we couldn’t finish installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview”, then you should read this.