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Posted: September 28 - Written by: Dave
Msft Iphonegiftcard2 100x100 Jpg

On Friday, Microsoft made an aggressive move towards iPhone owners, as they started an offer that will give them a nice gift card for their iPhones. The offer is geared to get more people into the Microsoft stores, and can be a huge hit for those with older iPhones.

Posted: September 28 - Written by: Dave
Msft Xboxfitness1 100x100 Jpg

Microsoft on Friday announced the newest creation from the Xbox team as they launched the Xbox Fitness program. The online service is built exclusively for the Xbox One, and will feature some of the biggest names in fitness to help shape and train the future Xbox One customers.

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Posted: March 5 - Written by: Naachiz
Password Protect Folder In Windows 8 Thumb Jpg

Protect your private data folders with a password. Read on after the break.

Posted: March 3 - Written by: Oliver
Bios Configuration Power On By Pci Devices Wake On Lan Thumb Jpg

One of the best advantages of modern PC’s is that you can automate just about anything. The Wake On LAN features is well-known, but very few use it, why is that? Here’s how to use the WOL feature to start your PC over the LAN or even Internet!