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Posted: August 7 - Written by: Will
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Rockstars Grand Theft Auto series has constantly redefined and stretched the boundaries of video games. Lets have a look back at just how far the series has come from.

Posted: August 7 - Written by: Dave
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On Tuesday, Microsoft highlighted a powerful tool that is Windows-exclusive on their Extreme Windows Blog named GPU-Z. The tool will help give power users and geeks that ability to know everything that their GPU is doing in their computers, and will make nerds smile.

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Posted: February 29 - Written by: Uttam
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Unlike, earlier version of Windows, there is no Start menu in Windows 8, but still you can find your program either via Start Screen or via Search easily.

Posted: February 29 - Written by: Uttam
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We strongly suggest to install Windows 8 on a new partition rather than installing it on the same partition you were using for Windows 7, else you will be unable to boot Win7.