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Posted: October 21 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Set Up Opendns Windows 71 100x100 Jpg Slow internet? Here are a few tricks that will really get you a faster connection.

Posted: October 20 Xbox News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Oct14xboxoneupdate2 100x100 Jpg Users of the Xbox One have gotten to love and enjoy the latest updates, and each month brings a wonderful number of updates from Microsoft on this next-generation console. On Friday, Microsoft and Major Nelson announced the latest October updates are rolling out, which users should see today.

Posted: October 20 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Cortanaupdate1 100x100 Jpg Cortana is a great tool that is built within Windows Phone 8.1, and is continually getting updates from Microsoft. As it continues to evolve, customers are starting to see Cortana get better, and on Friday got a number of updates that show it off nicely.

Posted: October 20 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Using Notepad Plus Plus To Split Text Files 100x100 Png Text files can become quite large depending on what you are processing and should be split. Some services such as Amazon’s S3 won’t accept batches larger than 500 or 1000 lines. In this guide I will show you 3 methods to split files

Posted: October 20 Windows 8 News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Winstudiooctupdate1 100x100 Jpg The Windows App Studio program is something that Microsoft put together to give developers an easy way to create apps on the Windows platform. It has gotten a lot of fanfare and applause, and on Thursday, got a big update to the beta app to please developers.

Posted: October 20 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Skypeinstantmacupdate 100x100 Png Skype for the Mac got a major update in the past week, and with it, people have questions, and Microsoft made it a point to update users on it. That, plus new conferences in 2015, make Microsoft a very happening place to follow as the year ends and 2015 starts soon enough for many.

Posted: October 20 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Searching For Images By Dimensions 100x100 Png These days tools like Locate32 or Search Everything index our entire databases, but did you know that Windows 8 has a built-in search query filter that allows you to search for image filesize or image dimensions?

Posted: October 16 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Skypeio8screenupdates1 100x100 Png Skype is one of those apps from Microsoft that needs to get constantly updated to fit the mobile phone technology of today. With the latest updates to the Apple line of iPhones, the screen sizes changed drastically, and Skype had to update. On Wednesday, Skype issued those changes as part of its 5.6 release.

Posted: October 16 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Lyncwin2013update 100x100 Png Two of the most used enterprise programs from Microsoft are Lync and Outlook Web App. They aren’t the most sexy of programs, but if you talk to almost any mobile professional, you will find these programs used a ton, and they are always looking for updates. On Wednesday, updates arrived on both programs.

Posted: October 15 Xbox News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Vinexboxone1 100x100 Png With the latest video sharing news in the tech world, the latest about Vine is one that many had been expected, but were unsure of the release date. On Tuesday, Microsoft and Vine release the Vine app for the Xbox One, which will allow users to enjoy the videos of Vine, all on your TV,