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Posted: September 17 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Androidtabletkeyboard1 100x100 Jpg Microsoft is known for its software and its hardware, but its keyboards and mouse products are used by millions around the globe as well. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced a brand new keyboard that is geared towards the iOS and Android tablet market, showing its growth for non-Windows devices.

Posted: September 16 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Win9sept30event 100x100 Png As word about Windows 9 has trickled throughout the tech world, screen shots and videos have been coming out at record paces. On Monday, Windows 9 got a lot more real. Microsoft issued press invites for the next version of Windows, and it could get very exciting.

Posted: September 16 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Mojangpurchase2 100x100 Png As we had reported on Friday, Microsoft in a bold and surprising move purchased the game company Mojang for $2.5 billion. The Minecraft game maker, who is based in Stockholm, is the fourth non-US based purchase for Microsoft this year, and is showing Microsoft’s eagerness to expand into new markets, and spend its overseas cash.

Posted: September 15 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Skypetxnewtek 100x100 Png SKype TX is a product that is mainly geared at professionals, but its a product that many amateurs and wannabe video makers will be finding very interesting. On Friday, Skype came out with its official partners for the product, which should please those looking for Skype TX soon.

Posted: September 15 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Mojangpurchase 100x100 Jpg In a surprise move for the company, news on Friday was all about Microsoft and its pending purchase of a game company. The news about Microsoft purchasing Minecraft Mojang might be odd to some, but focuses Microsoft’s attention to gaming.

Posted: September 12 Windows 10 News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Win9images1 100x100 Png A lot about Windows 9 is still unknown, but as the release of the public beta nears, more and more screens are being revealed. On Thursday, moew Windows 9 screenshots were revealed, and with it show off the future of Windows 9 and what is ahead.

Posted: September 12 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Azurevideoupdates1 100x100 Jpg Azure is a huge hit around the globe for its global storage and backup tools for small and large businesses. But on Thursday, Microsoft released Azure’s newest streaming and content protection tools, which should pleae many who are looking for that.

Posted: September 11 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Skypewinphonelctn1 100x100 Jpg Microsoft has made Skype for Windows Phone a project and has updated it over the long run. That plus the Surface Pro 3 has been an ongoing product from Microsoft that gets a lot of attention. On Wednesday, Microsoft issued updates to both products, which both need updates.

Posted: September 11 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Onedrive10gba 100x100 Png One of the limitations of OneDrive for many users was the size of files that they could sync and share on the service. As previously discussed here, Microsoft on Wednesday officially updated OneDrive’s service, and allows for larger files and much easier sharing.

Posted: September 10 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Excelpowermapupdate1 100x100 Png Excel junkies love the power of Excel and the limitless number of features that the program can offer. Those who user Power Maps within Excel know this for sure. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced Power Map updates for September, which makes it easier and more exciting.