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Posted: October 23 - Written by: Dave
Msft Xboxlivecompute21 100x100 Jpg

Developers who are creating apps and games for the Xbox One on Wednesday, got a huge announcement from Microsoft in its announcing of Xbox Live Compute. The Xbox Live Compute will allow for developers to harness the power of Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure to create and distribute programs on the backs of Microsoft’s servers.

Posted: October 23 - Written by: Dave
Msft Facebookapp1 100x100 Jpg

Thursday was a big day for Microsoft, as they launched Windows 8.1 for download around the world. But, in addition to Windows 8.1, they also launched the new Facebook app for Windows 8.1 and the remote desktop apps for mobile usage, both which are available now.

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Posted: May 24 - Written by: Oliver
Windows8 150x150 Jpg

If you want to know how to capture a Screenshot directly in Windows 8, go through this tutorial.

Posted: May 24 - Written by:
Parental Controls Preview 150x98 Jpg

The parental controls now can be configured to deliver weekly reports, here’s how you enable the feature in the first place