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Posted: November 4 - Written by: Will
UPLAY Passport Scrapped 100x100 Png

After outlining their plans to introduce a “Ubisoft Passport” (an online pass) earlier this week , Ubisoft have quickly backtracked on the idea.

Posted: November 1 - Written by: Dave
Msft Appstudiobeta1 100x100 Jpg

Those who are developing for Windows Phone and making apps for the phone got great news on Thursday with the announcement from the Windows Phone Development team. They announced on Thursday that the Windows Phone App Studio Beta will be getting new features soon to develop great apps for the operating system.

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Posted: May 31 - Written by:
Windows Registry Repair Preview 150x91 Jpg

If you have a lot of

Posted: May 31 - Written by:
Performance Monitor Graph Preview 150x112 Jpg

How fast is my PC? Want to find that out, use the performance and resource monitors