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Posted: March 16 - Written by: Dave
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The console wars between Microsoft and Sony has been very heated, and the two companies have gone back and forth battling each other for consumers. Sales figures on Friday from the NPD Group show that the Xbox One has sold record number of units along with the Xbox 360.

Posted: March 16 - Written by: Dave
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Skype has been integrated closely into almost every Microsoft platform, and most recently the Xbox One. On Friday, Skype was updated on the Xbox One platform, and this first update is sure to give users a number of new features that they will be able to use today on their Xbox One units.

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Posted: June 29 - Written by: Yasir
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Want to know more about your current system health and how well your PC is doing (performance-wise), then generate a system health report

Posted: June 28 - Written by: Yasir
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No, you don’t have to re-install Windows 8 when the Master Boot Record is corrupt, here’s how to fix it