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Posted: April 25 - Written by: Dave
Msft Rdppreview1 100x100 Png

Being able to connect to a remote desktop from your computer or other mobile computer, is a very valuable option for many IT professionals. Late Wednesday, Microsoft released the Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview for Windows Phones and Windows PC’s, and is a remarkable program.

Posted: April 25 - Written by: Dave
Msft Bingclass1 100x100 Jpg

As Bing has grown to be more than just a search engine for a lot of people, the focus of Bing on education has become something that schools have become using more and more. On Wednesday, Microsoft made Bing in the Classroom available to all schools in the United States.

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Posted: July 2 - Written by: Yasir
Windows Reliability Monitor Thumb 150x150 Jpg

Did you know that Windows 7 and later creates a reliability history that you can review using the reliability monitor? No? Learn how after the break

Posted: July 1 - Written by: Oliver
Energy Efficiency Report 150x150 Jpg

Having a power efficient system can save you money, so it could be a good idea to generate a power efficiency diagnostics report, here’s how!