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Posted: April 12 Windows 8 News - by Jon

Ballmer Presenting Windows 8 Tablet Thumb 150x150 Jpg A growth in tablet sales will be linked to the launch of Windows 8.

Posted: April 12 Windows 8 News - by Jon

Leaked Internet Explorer 10 Timeline Suggesting Date For Windows 8 Release Client Thumb 150x150 Jpg Leaked information on IE availability suggests that the Windows 8 RC (Release Client) will be available in Mid-2012

Posted: April 12 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Enable Offline Files For Sync Center 150x67 Jpg If you want to sync some devices in Windows 7 using the Sync center you’d first have to enable offline files.

Posted: April 12 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Choose Computer Defaults 150x61 Jpg Windows 7 makes it very easy to pick a default web browser, e-mail program, media player or instant messaging programs.

Posted: April 11 Game Release Dates 2012 - by Jon

Leaked News Gta 5 Release Date 150x150 Jpg Leaked CV, now removed, says GTA V arrives this winter.

Posted: April 11 Microsoft News - by Jon

Microsoft Ends Extended Support For Windows Xp 150x63 Jpg Microsoft are encouraging users to upgrade to newer versions of Windows soon. In 2 years from now, XP will no longer be supported at all. Vista users can say goodbye to their OS support in 2017.

Posted: April 11 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Using Aero Themes On Windows 7 Basic Starter Jpg I wanted to clarify why some users are not able to install Windows 7 Aero themes on their systems, the answer is quite simple and here’s a great tool that you can use to make it work anyway.

Posted: April 11 XBOX Durango News And Rumors - by Jon

Gamestop Used Games Wont Be Blocked On Next Gen2 150x150 Gif It’s unlikely the next generation of consoles will push used games away. Anti-used-games policies are not very likely.

Posted: April 11 Video Game News - by Jon

Resident Evil 6 Press Preview Rome Thumb 150x150 Jpg Released date moves from November to October as press preview.

Posted: April 11 Windows 8 News - by Jon

First Patch For Windows 8 Consumer Preview Thumb 150x150 Jpg A first Windows 8 Consumer Preview patch is available that fixes various issues and exploits of ActiveX controls and WordPad.