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Posted: April 11 Windows 8 Apps and Software - by Jon

Windows 8 Apps Store Thumb 150x150 Jpg Microsoft is serious about giving you a really great app experience and it is willing to buy apps in order to make it happen.

Posted: April 10 Wii U - by Jon

The Wii U Advantages Price Thumb 150x150 Jpg The Wii U’s total manufacturing costs could be as low as $180, the final price is rumored to be around $300

Posted: April 10 Video Game News - by Jon

Fez Xbox Live Arcade Thumb Jpeg 150x150 Jpg Much anticipated indie platformer Fez releases in just two days for XBLA.

Posted: April 10 Microsoft News - by Jon

Windows Azure Customer Relations 150x150 Jpg Microsoft launches Trust Center in attempt to provide access to compliance information

Posted: April 10 Video Game News - by Jon

Halo 4 Multiplayer Leaks Details Thumb 150x150 Jpg 343 Industries are shaking up a decade-old formula in the new trilogy. Halo 4′s Battle Rifle will return with hitscan and no bloom.

Posted: April 10 Windows 8 Ultrabooks - by Jon

Lenovo Ultrabook With Windows 8 On It Thumb 150x150 Jpg Gadget Show Live brings second largest PC manufacturer to the UK.

Posted: April 10 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Advanced Settings Menu Thumb 150x150 Jpg We’ve had some excellent user questions on our new QA site windows8qa.com e.g. how to change the binding order of network adapters and make the Microsoft loopback adapter the primary one.

Posted: April 10 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Installing Network Adapters Thumb 150x150 Jpg In some cases, you might still need the Microsoft loopback adapter on Windows 7, but if it’s not there you have to install it first using Windows 7′s device manager.

Posted: April 9 Windows 7 Video Game Themes - by Oliver Krautscheid

Counter Strike Go Hd Wallpaper Themes Thumb 150x150 Jpg All CS fans are anxiously waiting for CS:GO beta to go public. While you’re waiting, download this brand new Windows 7 themepack with 6 Counter-Strike Global Offensive desktop backgrounds in HD (1920p)

Posted: April 9 Windows 8 News - by Jon

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Vs Ios Comparison Thumb 150x150 Jpg Windows 8 launches on tablets, so lets see how they compared to the competition.