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Posted: December 25 - Written by: Dave
Msft Logotrends2014 100x100 Jpg

In an annual forecast for enterprise trends, Microsoft on Tuesday went into details on what they see as top enterprise trends for 2014. The post on the Fire Hose blog at Microsoft goes into give different enterprise trends, and all cover a wide bit of enterprise goodness.

Posted: December 25 - Written by: Dave
Msft Dualsimwinphone 1 100x100 Jpg

News came out on Tuesday surrounding the latest batch of Windows Phones that Nokia might be releasing in the wild soon. In those screenshots released on a number of tech sites, the dual SIM is making an appearance for the first time, and should please many who travel.

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Posted: June 17 - Written by: Yasir
Remove Preview 150x150 Jpg

If you want to know specific details about a file, you need to know about its File Properties, including authors, tags, etc. When you select the file in details pane, you should be able to see these details.

Posted: June 12 - Written by: Oliver
Resetting Photoshop Cs5 Preferences 150x115 Jpg

Resetting the Photoshop CS5 preferences can be useful when you messed up. This is an alternative solution to the CTRL+alt+shift key combo.