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Posted: March 24 Windows 8 News - by Shailpik

Windows8 Screenshot Start Screen Metro Desktop Thumb 150x150 Jpg If you are a professional who uses the PC for things such as graphic design, video and audio editing, engineering, etc., you might be wondering whether you should upgrade to Windows 8 or not.

Posted: March 24 Windows 8 Ultrabooks - by Shailpik

Lenovo Yoga Windows 8 Ultrabook Thumb1 150x150 Jpg Analysts at Gartner have suggested that the upcoming Windows 8 Ultrabooks might boost the sagging PC markets, in 2013.

Posted: March 24 Custom 3rd-Party Themes, Windows 7 Movie Themes - by Oliver Krautscheid

Windows 7 Themes For Movie Fans That Modify The Shell Thumb 150x150 Jpg You like movies? How about installing some Windows 7 themes that modify your shell and add elements of the movies to your desktop? Here is a list of 5 great desktop themes with new color schemes that also support Windows 7 Basic Mode.

Posted: March 23 Game Release Dates 2012, Video Game News - by Jon

Pid Game Indie Developer Thumb 150x150 Jpg You like Indie games? Make sure to watch the trailer for “Pid” and read about the latest unveiled details.

Posted: March 23 Microsoft News, XBOX Durango News And Rumors - by Jon

Xbox 720 Logo Thumb 150x150 Jpg A job posting by Microsoft indicates that they are looking for an executive producer to work on a “next generation” console, from conception to release.

Posted: March 23 Game Release Dates 2012, Video Game News - by Jon

New Splinter Cell Game 2012 Thumb 150x150 Jpg Splinter Cell fans are waiting for the new 2012 game to be announced and may not have to wait much longer.

Posted: March 23 Video Game News, Windows 8 News - by Jon

Angry Birds For Windows 8 Thumb 150x150 Jpg Unfortunately for all Windows Phone 7 users, Angry Birds Space won’t be released on it. However, according to Rovio it’s possible that Angry Birds will come to Windows 8

Posted: March 23 Resident Evil News - by Jon

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Action Vs Survival Horror Games Thumb 150x150 Jpg According to Capcom there is no market for survival horror games and the latest game Operation Raccoon City and the upcoming Resident Evil 6 will reflect that.

Posted: March 23 XBOX Durango News And Rumors - by Jon

Gamestop Xbox Durango Used Games Ban 150x150 Jpg Will there really be an anti-used games policy in the Durango Xbox? GameStop CEO doesn’t think so

Posted: March 23 Windows 8 News - by Shailpik

Windows 8 Logo Thumb 150x150 Jpg Latest rumors suggest that Microsoft intends to have the Release Candidate for Windows 8 ready by May-June this year.