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Posted: April 13 Video Game News - by

Max Payne 3 Slow Motion Gameplay Iphone Android Devices Thumb 150x150 Jpg Can Max Payne (iOS/Android) emulate the successful port of GTA 3 to touch screens?

Posted: April 13 Microsoft News - by Jon

Microsoft Office 2013 Release Date Thumb 150x150 Jpg Office 15 isn’t coming this year in 2012, and Internet Explorer 10 could be heading for that mid-year release.

Posted: April 13 Productivity Tips, Windows Software - by Oliver Krautscheid

Great Bulk Rename Utility To Rename Files In Subfolders Thumb 150x150 Jpg Having a hard time bulk renaming files? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a great software to bulk rename multiple files stored in subfolders and even replace spaces.

Posted: April 13 Windows 7 Video Game Themes - by Oliver Krautscheid

Dead Or Alive 5 DOA5 360 PS3 Wallpaper Themes Thumb 150x150 Jpg If you like fighting games, this Dead or Alive 5 desktop theme for Windows 7 has 8 fresh HD wallpaper for you.

Posted: April 13 Windows 7 Video Game Themes - by Oliver Krautscheid

Darksiders II 360 PS3 PC Wallpaper Themes Thumb1 150x150 Jpg One of the coolest games by THQ with a great potential is Darksiders 2 – download this cool Windows 7 themes that applies 9 HD wallpapers.

Posted: April 13 Productivity Tips - by Oliver Krautscheid

Accessing New Context Menu Items Thumb 150x150 Jpg We have some great tutorials how to customize the context menu. Here’s a simple way how to change the context menu of folders and how you would execute a batch script on it.

Posted: April 13 Security - by Oliver Krautscheid

Malwarebytes Update Faster Scan 150x53 Jpg Are you running a Windows 7 64-bit system and use Malwarebytes? If so, you should upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. 25% faster virus scans for x64 systems.

Posted: April 12 Productivity Tips - by Oliver Krautscheid

Execute Batch File For Every Folder Thumb 150x150 Jpg I’m a huge fan of batch scripts and AHK because they can make your life a lot easier, here’s how to execute a batch script for multiple folders individually.

Posted: April 12 Game Release Dates 2012 - by Jon

Harmonix Rock Band Blitz Thumb 150x150 Jpg Rock Band Blitz brings players together … with controllers. The release date is unknown, scheduled for late summer 2012.

Posted: April 12 Video Game News - by Jon

Halo 4 Soundtrack Composer Thumb 150x150 Jpg Neil Davidge confirmed as composer for Halo 4 soundtrack. Another epic soundtrack?