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Posted: March 22 Windows 8 News - by Jon

Windows 8 On High Resolution Displays Without Ppi Scaling Thumb 150x150 Jpg The new iPad isn’t the only device supporting high resolutions. Microsoft shows that Windows 8 supports all sorts of high resolutions on multiple devices!

Posted: March 22 Wii U, XBOX Durango News And Rumors - by Jon

Wii U And Next Gen Consoles Stifle Innovation Thumb 150x150 Jpg Doublesix CEO points out flaw in next-gen consoles: Higher specs, less innovation

Posted: March 22 Windows 8 Apps and Software - by Jon

Windows 8 Mobile Ios Apps Will Come To Store Eventually Thumb 150x150 Jpg Want to port your iOS apps over to the Windows 8 OS to earn money from the new store? Microsoft says it isn’t hard to bring apps over to Windows 8

Posted: March 22 Internet Explorer 10 News, Microsoft News - by Jon

Google Chrome Vs Internet Explorer Stats Market Share Thumb 150x150 Jpg Microsoft says that Chrome is not more popular than Chrome and underlines that the Chrome figures are misleading

Posted: March 22 Video Game News - by Jon

Far Cry 3 Trailer Drug Enhancements Thumb 150x150 Jpg The latest Far Cry 3 is out and the trailer is rather more sinister, showing off environments, combat and gives you some hints about the story of the next Far Cry.

Posted: March 22 Game Release Dates 2012, Video Game News - by Jon

Epic Mickey 2 Announced Thumb 150x150 Jpg Epic Mickey 2 has been announced, a new co-op mode and improved camera are only 2 of the latest features.

Posted: March 22 Giveaways - by Oliver Krautscheid

Windows 7 Themes Net Saints Rows Giveaway Winners Thumb 150x150 Jpg Our last giveaway ended today. We had some nice submissions and a few new ideas for crazy sandbox games. Here are the winners!

Posted: March 22 Windows 7 Video Game Themes - by Oliver Krautscheid

Dirt Showdown Wallpaper Themes Thumb2 Jpg Like racing games? We too! Download this DiRT Showdown Theme with 11 amazing HD wallpapers

Posted: March 22 Windows 7 Video Game Themes - by Oliver Krautscheid

Dear Esther Wallpaper Themes Thumb Jpg You like Indie games that explore new methods to entertain you? Here’s a Windows 7 theme for Dear Esther, one of the best Indie games lately. Make sure to grab it on Steam or participate in our giveaway to get a chance to win a copy.

Posted: March 22 Windows 7 TV Themes - by

The Big Bang Theory Wallpaper Themes Thumb Jpg Fan of the comedy series Big Bang Theory? Get this Windows 7 theme with 10 Big Bang Theory wallpapers