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Posted: November 6 - Written by: Will
Steam Controllers Be Manufactured By Valve 100x100 Png

With the launch of the PlayStation 4 moving ever closer Sony have unveiled some new videos outlining some of the key features we can expect to see.

Posted: November 6 - Written by: Dave
Msft Nextceo1 100x100 Jpg

A report came out on Tuesday surrounding the future of Microsoft’s decision for their next CEO, and it appears that the next CEO choice has been narrowed down to five. The decision to find the next Steve Ballmer is a very important one, and one that the board will choose wisely.

Latest Windows Guides and How-To's

Posted: June 5 - Written by: Dogar
UserTasksMenu 150x150 Jpg

If you want to know how to edit open the Power User Tasks Menu in Windows 8, go through this tutorial.

Posted: June 3 - Written by:
Folder Options Preview 150x134 Jpg

A common problem is that people cant see hidden files on their PC’s – use this tutorial to learn how to see all of them and “unhide” them