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Posted: March 29 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Using Msinfo32 To Get Bios Date Plus Version 150x150 Jpg Upgrading your BIOS can be necessary to unlock additional motherboard features. Here’s how you would first check the BIOS version on Windows 7 without actually rebooting and entering it.

Posted: March 29 Productivity Tips - by Oliver Krautscheid

Productivity Switch Between Windows 150x150 Jpg Here’s a quick tip how to navigate Windows 7 more quickly and how to switch between multiple instances (e.g. all of your opened Google Chrome or IE10 windows)

Posted: March 29 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Show All Three Clocks Thumb 150x150 Jpg If you are travelling a lot or simply need to be aware of multiple time zones, simply show multiple clocks in your Windows 7 taskbar.

Posted: March 28 Windows 8 Registry Hacks - by Oliver Krautscheid

Registry Tweak To Unhide Folders On Windows 8 150x55 Jpg If you’ve followed our guide how to unhide systems folder like AppData, then you should also know of a registry tweak that you can use to quickly unhide files on Windows 8

Posted: March 28 Windows 8 Tips and Tricks - by Oliver Krautscheid

Unhide Hidden System Folder 2 Thumb 150x150 Jpg Here’s a quick guide for beginners how to unhide hidden system folders like AppData on Windows 8

Posted: March 28 Speed Up Windows, Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Speed Up Google Chrome Jpg If you want to make Chrome faster, you should consider cleaning your profile regularly.

Posted: March 28 Custom 3rd-Party Themes - by Oliver Krautscheid

Clean Windows 7 Themes Lion X Led Zeppelin Shell Thumb 150x150 Jpg Looking for a list with some nice Windows 7 themes that you can install? Here are 6 clean shell themes including very clean visual styles featuring Lion X and Led Zeppelin.

Posted: March 28 Internet Explorer 10 News, Windows 8 News - by Jon

Internet Explorer Metro Version Thumb 150x150 Png How does the Metro Internet Explorer 10 compare to the desktop version? Here are the differences.

Posted: March 28 Video Game News - by Jon

Wasteland Kickstarter Project Million Dollar 150x150 Jpg Wasteland devs now raised raised $1.6 million: Mac users now on board

Posted: March 28 Video Game News - by Jon

Playstation 4 Codename Orbis 2013 Release Date Thumb 150x150 Jpg The latest rumors unveil the Playstation 4 “codename Orbis” hardware specs, release date and features like an anti-used policy