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Posted: January 8 - Written by: Dave
Msft Paraturepurchase 1 100x100 Jpg

Microsoft is a company that makes strategic purchases of companies and competitors, and when it does, it generally makes waves around the tech world. It did just so on Tuesday, as Microsoft purchased Parature, which is a CRM focused enterprise company for an undisclosed sum.

Posted: January 8 - Written by: Dave
Msft Mulallyoutceo 1 100x100 Png

As the search for the next Microsoft CEO continues on, much life a soap opera or in this case a tech soap opera, the name of Ford CEO’s Alan Mulally has been speculated as a top candidate for the next CEO position. On Tuesday, he officially took himself out of the running.

Latest Windows Guides and How-To's

Posted: June 19 - Written by:
Desktop Gadgets Preview 150x149 Jpg

Desktop Gadgets is an exciting feature of Windows 7, and Windows 8. It enables the user to look at weather updates, stock updates, currency updates, and favorite program status updates live on the desktop without requiring a specific action.

Posted: June 18 - Written by: Yasir
Taskbar Preview 150x150 Jpg

The taskbar can be easily customized in Windows 8 and you can remove or add QuickLaunch toolbars, here’s how