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Posted: September 2 Windows 7 Video Game Themes - by Oliver Krautscheid

Minecraft Xbox One Edition Wallpaper 01 Jpg 100x100 Png Notch’s Minecraft is coming to Xbox One very soon, including mods and save game transfers. Download our themepack with some screenshots of the Xbox One version below

Posted: September 2 Windows 7 Video Game Themes - by Oliver Krautscheid

League Of Legends ICON 100x100 Png League of Legends is one of the most innovative MMO’s out there, it clearly deserves a real Windows 7 theme with new icons, wallpapers and a Start orb!

Posted: September 2 Windows 7 Video Game Themes - by Oliver Krautscheid

Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft Wallpaper 100x100 Jpg Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is quickly gathering a huge following. Like this game too? Download this free themepack from our servers

Posted: August 30 Tutorials - by Oliver Krautscheid

Checking Ad Status 100x100 Png This is not NSA specific, but ad networks create meta-profiles on you every day and even sell them. It is likely that up to 150 random ad networks know your buying behaviour and browsing habits.

Posted: August 30 Windows 7 Comic Books Themes, Windows 7 Movie Themes - by Oliver Krautscheid

Superman Windows 7 Theme 150x150 Jpg Looking for a cool Windows 7 Superman theme? Here’s a free top theme including a really awesome Superman Start orb for Windows 7 and Superman desktop icons.

Posted: August 29 Xbox News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Xboxoneseptupdate2 100x100 Jpg Just when the holiday weekend is approaching in the United States, Microsoft is pushing out updates faster than we can write about them. On Thursday, Microsoft released the September update out early, plus made updates to its companion SmartGlass product for the Xbox One.

Posted: August 29 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Onedriveandupdate 100x100 Jpg The OneDrive product from Microsoft is continually getting updates, and on Thursday, got its latest update. Microsoft made tremendous updates to its Android product, integrating the OneDrive for Business product with it, allowing for users to move between personal and business.

Posted: August 28 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Sp3expansion1 100x100 Jpg The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 hasn’t been out for that long, but it has been only available in a small number of countries. On Wednesday, Microsoft rolled out the Surface Pro 3 to over 25 new markets, which should expand its availability to professionals and students everywhere.

Posted: August 28 Xbox News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Kinectsensorxbone 100x100 Png The Xbox One from Microsoft has been bundled with the Kinect for the $499 price, but recently, Microsoft unbundled the Kinect and made a $399 package available. On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the upcoming release of the Xbox One Kinect starting at $149 in October.

Posted: August 27 Microsoft News - by Dave Amodt

Msft Msftmobilespotify 100x100 Jpg The world of Microsoft mobile and its branch of services and products is always getting updates. On Tuesday, Windows Phone landed a huge update offering free music, while Lync Mobile for the iPad also got a major update, which should please many enterprise customers.