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Posted: February 12 - Written by: Dave
Msft Monday 1 100x100 Jpg

Monday proved to be a very busy day for Microsoft followers, as the company announced a lot of interesting projects, releases, and products for all industries. Two highlights on Monday focused around the arrival of Bitcoin on Bing and a possible Xbox Reading App On Windows 8.

Posted: February 11 - Written by: Will
Flappy Bird Takedown 100x100 Jpg

When the creator of Flappy Bird removed his game from the App Store could he have ever imagined such scenes?

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Posted: June 30 - Written by: Yasir
Optimize Hard Drives Preview 150x150 Jpg

Windows 8 can easily optimize and defrag hard drives without additional 3rd-party tools

Posted: June 29 - Written by: Yasir
Improve Power Usage Preview 150x150 Jpg

When Windows 7 was shipped with its official release worldwide, there had been horrible stories relating to batteries and power performance. You must have been suffered with the issue where Windows 7 stated “Consider replacing your battery.” The same is true in Windows 8 too. Have you ever thought just how fast Windows 8 drains away your battery?