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Posted: November 28 - Written by: Dave
Msft Xboxliveswearing 1 100x100 Jpg

In a surprise but good move on Tuesday, Microsoft announced that the excessive use of curse words in some of the upload studio clips was getting excessive. Microsoft announced on Tuesday, that users who excessively swear will find their clips muted to make Xbox Live safer.

Posted: November 28 - Written by: Will
San Andreas Mobile 100x100 Jpg

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was a landmark in game achievements at the time and it is now coming to a mobile phone near you.

Latest Windows Guides and How-To's

Posted: June 18 - Written by: Yasir
Taskbar Preview 150x150 Jpg

The taskbar can be easily customized in Windows 8 and you can remove or add QuickLaunch toolbars, here’s how

Posted: June 18 - Written by: Yasir
User Accounts Preview 150x150 Jpg

Your user account offers you a lot of settings to fully customize your PC, here’s where to find the most common preferences