250 Free Windows 7 Themes

This page is a compilation of 250 free Windows 7 themes. The first half of the page is dedicated to Wallpaper themes, most of them will change your desktop background and color appearance. The second half is dedicated to theme packages, shell themes, special themes, Start orbs and Windows Media Player themes.

Free Desktop Themes Being Downloaded Right Now

Quick Links

Theme Packages: Don’t like downloading themes one by one? We have some free Windows 7 themes packages that bundle a lot of themes.

Shell themes: You want more than just wallpapers and cursors? We have plenty of free shell themes for Windows 7 – for advanced users only!

Free Car / Aircraft Themes

Nordschleife Theme
BMW5 Series
BMW 5-series Theme
Volve Trucks
Volvo Trucks Theme
Windows 7 Lexus   Theme
Lexus Theme
Audi  Desktop Theme

AUDI Desktop Theme


Porsche GT 2 Windows 7   Theme
Porsche GT 2 Theme
Aircraft AC130
F1 Theme
F1 Theme 2010

Movie / Tv Themes

Windows 7 Scrubs Theme
Scrubs Theme
Alice  in Wonderland Windows 7 Theme
Disney’s Alice in Wonderland
Avatar Theme for Windows 7
Avatar Theme for Windows 7
Simpsons Windows 7 Theme
The Simpsons

Free Toy Story 3 Theme

Twilight Eclipse Wallpaper
Nala Lion King Theme
Lion King NALA Theme

Free Music Themes

Windows 7 Linkin Park Theme
Linkin Park Theme
Windows 7  Justin Bieber Theme
Justin Bieber Theme
Doctor Steel
DoctorSteel Theme
Doro  Pesch Metal Queen
Doro White Theme

Space Themes

Space Theme for Windows 7

Space Theme


Windows 7 Space Theme

Space Theme (NASA)


The World of Space

The World Of Space


Abstract Themes

RSS Themes

RSS Themes


Windows 7 Abstract Theme

Beautiful Abstract


Windows 7 Blue Theme

Windows 7: Blue Theme


Gaming Themes

Ghost Recon Skull Theme

Ghost Recon “Skull”


Mafia 2 Windows 7 Theme

Mafia 2 HD Desktop Theme





Oblivion Theme


Windows 7 Blur Theme

Blur Maxim Theme

Windows 7 Half-Life 2 Theme

Half Life 2 Theme


AVP 2010

Aliens vs Predator


Red Dead Redemption Win7 Desktop Theme

Red Dead Redemption


Rage Wallpaper

Rage Theme


Pacman Windows 7 Theme
Pacman Theme.
Runescape Theme

Runescape Theme


Dungeon Keeper Theme

Dungeon Keeper


Killzone Windows 7 Theme
Killzone Theme.
Dead Rising Theme
Dead Rising 2 Theme
Dead Space 2 Theme
Dead Space Theme
Silent Hill Windows 7 Theme
Silent Hill Theme
Transformers Theme
Transformers Theme
Trine Theme
Trine Theme
Front Mission Evolved Windows 7 Theme
Front Mission Evolved Theme
God of War 4 Theme
God of War 4 Theme
Driver 5 Theme
Driver 5 Theme
Two Worlds 2 Windows 7 Theme
Two Worlds 2 Theme
Homefront Theme
Homefront Theme
Black Prophecy Theme
Black Prophecy Theme
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Theme
Assassin’s Creed 3 Theme
Shogun 2 Theme
Shogun 2 Theme
Brink Theme
Brink Theme
Zelda Skyward Sword Theme
Zelda Skyward Sword Theme

City / Countries Windows 7 Themes

Burj Dubai Theme
Burj Dubai Theme
cologne.png (19 KB)

Cologne Wallpaper (Germany)



Windows 7  Wallpaper Germany

Theme Germany + Wallpaper


Windows 7 Hawaii Theme
Hawaii Theme


Random Themes

Where is Waldo Windows 7 Theme

“Where is Waldo”


Broken Windows 7 Wallpaper

Broken Windows 7 Theme


Golden Blue

Golden Blue Desktop Theme (Win7)


Windows 7 Rainbow Theme

Rainbow Theme


Staind Glass

Staind Glass Theme


Red Attention

Red Attention


windowsred.png (20 KB)
Windows 7 Red Wallpaper
Windows 7 Christian Theme
Christian Theme: Bible Psalms
Zero Skate Theme
Zero Skate Theme

Black & White Industry Theme


Windows 7 Logo Themes

5 Logo Wallpaper Themes


Windows 7 Graffiti Theme

3D Graffiti Theme


Flying Tree Windows 7 Theme

Download Floating Tree Theme


Free Animal & Plants Themes

Windows 7 Dog Theme

Dog Theme


Windows 7 Cat Theme

Cat Theme


tigers.png (22 KB)

Tiger Wallpaper


The Plants Windows 7 Nature Theme

The Plants


Free Global Awareness / Global Events Themes

Earth Day 2010 Theme

Earth Day 2010 Theme


World Water Day 2010

World Water Day 2010


Vancouver 2010 Olympics Windows 7 Theme

Vancouver 2010 Olympics


Windows 7 Summit on the Summit

Summit on the Summit


Soccer Themes

Windows 7 World Cup 2010 Theme

World Cup 2010 Themes


Windows 7 Real Madrid Theme

Real Madrid Theme


Windows 7 FC Bayern Munich Theme

FC Bayern Munich



Manchester United Theme


Holiday Themes

Windows 7 Easter Theme
Easter Desktop Theme!
Windows 7 Valentine's Day Theme
Valentine’s Day Theme
St Patty's Day Windows 7 Theme
New St. Patty’s Day Theme
4th of July Windows 7 Theme
4th of July Theme

Thanksgiving Theme
Windows 7 Christmas Themes Red Green
Christmas Theme
Windows 7 New Year theme 2010
New Year Theme
Halloween Holiday Theme
Halloween Holiday Theme
Martin Luther King Theme 2010
Martin Luther King Theme 2010

50 Free Themes Package

77 Free Themes @ Facebook

Free Windows 7 Themes Package

Special Themes

Windows 7 Apple iPad theme
Free Windows 7 iPad Theme

Shell Themes

Office 2010 Windows 7 Theme
Download Office 2010 Theme

Windows 7 Zune Theme

Free Dark/White Windows 7 Zune Themes

Dark Pink Windows 7 Themes

Dark/Pink Windows 7 Shell Theme

Windows Phone 7 Theme for Windows 7

Windows Phone 7 Theme for Windows 7

Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes 2

8 Free Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes!

30 Free Shell Themes

You can preview the 30 custom free Windows 7 themes on page 2 or click below:

Free Start Buttons

Apple Start Button

Ubuntu Start  Button

Firefox Start  Button

Firefox, Apple, Ubuntu

Free Ghost Recon “Skull” Orb

Manchester United Start Orb

Pacman Start Button

Pacman Start Orb

Linkin Park Icon

Linkin Park Logo Start Orb

World Cup 2010 Start Button

World Cup Start Orb

Media Player 12 Themes

Free Windows 7 Media Player 12 Themes

Windows Media Player 12 Themes

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  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    toddy said:

    This must be the largest collection of free Windows 7 themes on the net..
    gj keep it coming!

  2. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Steve Mercer said:

    I thought themes for “7″ were lost in a desert of older o/s. Then I found this oasis, keep this site going A+ doesn`t discribe it.

  3. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    dani said:

    would u tell me how to apply windows7 themes

  4. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    MrCuKyMonster said:

    just clickon it and it will install><

  5. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sOliver said:

    @dani read our tutorials if you are on Windows 7 starter, it’s a bit more complicated then

  6. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Kathy said:


  7. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    RapidSpeeds said:

    This has got to be the best site there is for free Windows 7 themes.

    A lot of hard word and effort has been put into these themes, the workmanship speaks volumes.

    Well done, keep up the good work!

  8. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    UnIK said:

    Oi! Another cool list, thanks so much. Way too many themes ~~

  9. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Lovezk said:

    May i bookmark this website?? I’m very love it…!!!
    A thousand free of Windows 7 Themes.. Thank you…

  10. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    mohit said:

    awesome site but some theme file are missing

  11. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sOliver said:

    mohit what themes are missing exactly?

  12. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Dam said:

    Nice one i was getting bored of seeing the same rubbish. Keep them coming

  13. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    knight 6 said:

    it is good but the thing is some of them are not possible 2 download

  14. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Oliver Krautscheid said:

    Knight6, if you can post the names we will re-upload / fix the upload. Thanks

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