Xbox Music Gives Android Users More Features To Enjoy

The Xbox Music app has gotten a lot of changes over the past few weeks, and most of them have been widely embraced across the web. On Wednesday, Microsoft released the latest updates to the Xbox Music app for Android, which gives Android users desired playlists and more.

By upgrading the Xbox Music app, Microsoft is once again showing Android users a lot of love. Microsoft rolled out these changes to the free app on Wednesday, and while the app requires an Xbox Music Pass to enjoy the music, it is one of the most popular music apps around.

Microsoft Updates Xbox Music App For Android Users

Android Updates For Xbox Music

With the updates to the Xbox Music app, Android users get faster access to their music, and are able to play their entire collection right away. Users can shuffle the collections and playlists to listen to songs in any order, and then pick a genre if they wish to start listing. The update is a huge upgrade for Android users, and the app has gotten rave reviews so far.

I use Android as well as Windows Phone, and some iOS. I downloaded the app and upgraded it, and think it’s a very beautiful and modern music experience. I have playlists that I have arranged for specific things I do, and think that these Android upgrades make my Galaxy Note 3 even more musical then before.

Xbox Music App Gives Playlists To Android Users Starting Today

Microsoft Upgrading Xbox Music All Over

Microsoft in the past few weeks have completely upgraded the Xbox Music experience for all of its users. No matter what the platform, Xbox Music has been updated. Microsoft has updated the Windows Phone, iOS apps, and desktop apps for all. It is showing that Microsoft wants to compete in the music realm, and is giving users what they want.

I applaud Microsoft for these updates to the Xbox Music experience, and love the positive reviews it has gotten. The Xbox Music experience can be enjoyed on mobile platforms, Xbox 360, the Xbox One, and all platforms. It leverages Microsoft’s position in the music world, and shows that Microsoft can compete against Apple and others in this music genre.

The app is great on Android, and it makes a huge difference in my opinion. It’s free, available now, and comes with a 30-day trial to enjoy. Download it today.

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