Windows Phone 7 Theme for Windows 7

If you’re a fan of the Windows Phone 7, you’ll probably like this Windows 7 Rainmeter theme that allows you to put the UI of the Windows Phone right on your desktop. Simply amazing. Great job FediaFedia, Xyrfo, Taichou-Henk and Varelse42!

Windows Phone 7 Theme for Windows 7

Windows Phone 7 Theme: Top-Notch Functionality

So, what can this Windows Phone 7 Rainmeter theme actually do?

Windows Phone 7 Friday

The “Phone” theme not only looks good, but also offers great functionality! Over 30 different panels can be added to your desktop:

  • Feeds
  • Twitter
  • Notes
  • Office
  • World Clock
  • XBOX Live Status
  • Programs
  • Clock
  • Weather
  • Mail
  • … etc

Windows Phone 7 Saturday
Windows Phone 7 Sunday

Great variety of skin colors

Click to go Gallery when prompted and then you can pick your favorite color, there are plenty to choose from:
Windows Phone 7  Theme Omnimo

Download Windows Phone 7 Theme

You can download the Rainmeter theme over at DeviantArt:

Download Windows Phone 7 Rainmeter Theme

How to install the Windows Phone Rainmeter Theme?

You need to download and install Rainmeter before you can use the Windows Phone 7 Theme for Windows 7!

Download Rainmeter

It is recommended to use the installer. However, since it appears that the installer can actually fail, I prefer the manual fail-proof method. If you need general information read this: How to install Rainmeter skins/themes.

Auto/Manual Installation

If you want to install the Windows Phone 7 Theme, follow the instructions below, because they are more specific:


1. Step Extract the contents of Omnimo_UI_1_01_for_Rainmeter_by_fediaFedia somewhere on your hard drive.
2. Step Navigate to the folder and double-click on Rainstaller.exe


1. Step Extract the contents of Omnimo_UI_1_01_for_Rainmeter_by_fediaFedia somewhere on your hard drive.
2. Step Go to that folder and navigate to the subfolder: Data\Skins\. There you will find the folder W7
3. Step Copy the folder W7
4. Step Navigate to C:\Users\[yourusername*]\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins and paste the folder here!
5. Step Go to the folder we extraced the content to in (1).
6. Step Navigate to the subfolder: Data\Themes\
7. Step Copy the folder Omnimo
8. Step Navigate to C:\Users\[yourusername*]\AppData\Local
9. Step Start Rainmeter (exit it if it was open)
10. Step Right-click on the tray-icon and hover over “Themes”: Select Omnimo
11. Done!

*[yourusername] = is your own PC username

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  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    HD said:

    I never interested -once- in being registered in a site to send a comment but not anymore ,this theme is most important, epic & original theme i ever seen , so exciting and so happy for all these panels … it’s amazing

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