Windows 7 Themes Folder Location

Have you been trying to install some 3rd-party themes for Windows 7, but you never figured where that themes folder is?

It’s one of the most important folders when it comes to customizing your desktop.

2 Theme Folders, 1 purpose

You can find the themes folder(s) at:



Windows 7 Themes Folder Location

Let’s take a closer look at the location of your themes. As you might have noticed the folder contains subfolders. What are they for? Well, a Windows 7 theme might have more than just one desktop wallpaper, so Windows will automatically create a folder “DesktopBackground” in every theme folder with 2+ Wallpapers:

Windows 7 Themes Folder Location

Let’s further assume you might want to install the Microsoft Ferrari Theme:
Microsoft Ferrari Theme

If you want to install it manually, you could simply put this theme into the theme folder and it would magically appear inside the personalization control panel!

Installing unsigned 3rd-party themes

In order to install 3rd-party themes you will need to know the location of another theme folder.


Basically every 3rd-party theme should be copied here. Let’s assume you might want to install one of the Windows 8 Themes for Windows 7, then you would have to copy the content of the folder “Themes” (see example below) into the folder C:\Windows\Resources\Theme. Of course, this will usually be explained in the readme as well!

Windows 8 Themes in Windows 7

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