Windows 7 Theme With Sanctum Wallpapers (Tower Defense Game)

Here’s a very awesome Windows 7 theme with wallpapers of the Tower Defense Game Sanctum
Sanctum Tower Defense Windows 7 Themes

Sanctum is a pretty awesome Tower Defense Game by indie developer Coffee Stain Studios. If you like strategy and action games or even puzzle games like Portal, you will love Sanctum. Seriously, one of the best Indie games I’ve played lately. Best of all, it’s dirt cheap.

Sanctum Tower Defense Game Wallpaper

Here are some of the wallpapers included in the theme:
Sanctum Tower Defense Wallpaper 1
Sanctum Tower Defense Wallpaper 2
Sanctum Tower Defense Wallpaper 3
Sanctum Tower Defense Wallpaper 5

Download Sanctum Game Theme
Download Sanctum Windows 7 Theme

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