Windows 7 Metro UI Theme

If you like the interface of the Windows Phone 7 and want it for Windows 7, you can follow our guide and install it.

Windows 7 Metro UI Theme

Metro UI: It’s all about fonts!
The metro UI is so pretty because it’s very minimalistic. The Metro UI font is supposedly a modified Verdana font (as it happens Verdana is my favorite font).

Microsoft wants people to find things and guide them into the right directions. That’s how they came up with the Metro theme that is using graphic from underground subways (NY, London). Pretty simple concept, but it works amazingly well!

As for me, I personally would love to see more Windows apps with the Metro UI theme, because it’s one of the best designs that I’ve seen lately. Let’s take a closer look at the Metro UI:

Windows 7 Metro UI Theme
Windows 7 Metro UI Theme
Windows 7 Metro UI Theme
Windows 7 Metro UI Theme

Download Windows Metro UI Theme

The Windows Phone 7 Metro UI is available for Windows 7 as a Rainmeter theme. You can download the theme here:

Download Windows Phone 7 Rainmeter Theme

If you don’t know what Rainmeter is or how to install Rainmeter themes, read the guide How to install Rainmeter themes in Windows 7

More Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes

Published: Friday, August 20th, 2010 Last Modified: July 10, 2011

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