Latest Windows 7 Java 64 Bit Download (2014)

Windows 7 java 64-bit download Something that still causes a lot of trouble on many Windows 7 x64 machines is Java. Java is needed for all those cool web 2.0 applications and for games like Minecraft, but it’s also a resource hog and is often causing a very high CPU load, therefore many people deactive it completely. Nonetheless, it’s an important download.

Java’s latest version is 7u51 – if you don’t have this version you are exposing your browser to additional threats and exploits. If you don’t know what version of Java you are currently running, click here

Get Java Windows 7 64-bit

It is a good idea to compare MD5 checksums for file downloads from unknown sources. Use a tool such as WinMD5

Above are links to the most recent Java versions u51 for 64-bit (x64) and 32-bit machines (x32). You can use a MD5 checksum tool to verify its integrity!

FAQ: What Java Version Do I Need (JDK vs. JRE)?

Can I install multiple versions of Java on my system?
Answer: Yes, you can install Java 32-bit and Java 64-bit on your system
Can I install older versions of Java?
Answer: Yes, you can download two 64-bit Java versions belows. One is the 6u24 (latest) and an older version 6u18.
What is the difference between JDK and JRE?
Answer: JDK stands for Java Development Kit and JRE stands for Java Runtime Environment. If you are not a developer, you need the JRE.

How can I check what Java version is installed on my PC?

There’s a very easy way to do that and you can also find out weather you are already running Java 64-bit or not.
Go to the website: Java Check Website

MD5 (jdk-6u18-ea-bin-b05-windows-amd64-18_nov_2009.exe) = 56b37cda73413b35b2d666937e5874d0

What is Java 64-bit needed for?

Answer: For a 64-bit browser.

Yes, you can run Java 32-bit on your x64 Windows 7 system, but if you download and install Java 64-bit, you can also run any 64-bit browser. Firefox for example offers a 64-bit browser for Windows 7 x64. By default, Windows 7 includes a x32 and x64 edition of the Internet Explorer 8.

IE9 64-bit location:

  • IE9 32-bit: C:/Program Files (x86)/Internet Explorer/
  • IE9 64-bit: C:/Program Files/Internet Explorer/

Firefox 64-bit download:

JDK: Required For Some Java Apps (Rare)

The JDK includes a 64-bit plugin for Windows. The JRE does not include this plugin, so you will have to download this large file in some cases (VERY rarely). You can download it here:

Windows x64 self-extracting JDK file
Java Windows 7 64bit JDK, 120 MB

MD5 Checksum
MD5 (jdk-7u45-windows-x64.exe) = 81BF3218A2EEC7963B979187FB4109F30

The latest version of Java is 7u51. An important security update has been released in October 2013, so you should make sure that you run at least 7u45 in any case. It is very urgent that you download and install the update – it fixes various security exploits and includes over 100 fixes combined. The update also addresses RIA (rich internet applications. You now have to confirm whenever a site makes a connection to a 3rd-party RIA. The warning looks like this

RIA Java Warning

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7 Responses to Latest Windows 7 Java 64 Bit Download (2014)

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Rodrigo said:

    Im trying to have jdownloader working on my windows 7 64 bit computer. Will this do the trick??

  2. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Jade said:

    do i still need the presently installed java 32-bit on my pc after I hav installed JDK 64-bit?

  3. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Flashorn said:

    To Jade !!
    Yes, you will need both 32 and 64 bit Java for a 64 bit installation of Windows. Only IE8 has a 64 bit browser at the moment (although, Firefox does have a Unsupported 64 bit version in progress) so, if you use Firefox or Chrome or Opera… it is recommended to install both versions of Java. I do. The current versions are : Version 6 update 22.


  4. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Niharika said:

    do i require to install two versions of Java 32 bit and 64 bit if i have two IE’s 64 bit and 32 bit?does class path setting change?can i use 32bit Java on 64 bit windows 7?

  5. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sOliver said:

    Niharika, you can install multiple versions. I have updated the post with more information and uploaded the latest JRE for Windows 7 64-bit file.

  6. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    satish kumar said:

    I’ve problume with windows7 64bit Operating system. java netbeans not supported older verson.

  7. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    shylu said:


    iam using 64bit win7 can i download j2sdk for my system configuration? is it is supported by my system?

    please give me a good solution…….

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