Windows 7 and Google Chrome

As I reported yesterday, Mozilla released the latest Firefox 3.5. Which is even faster now. Read more about it here.

This article is a little dated – right now Chrome is amongst the most popular browsers on the market. Initially, Chrome had a lot of problems which were discussed below

But what is Google and Microsoft doing?

There was quite a hype about Google’s Browser Chrome when it had been released, but right now it’s pretty quiet. Of course there are still plenty of people who are still using it, but it surely wasn’t Google biggest success. How could it? On Windows 7, Chrome doesn’t even run properly, there aren’t many plugins (any good at all?) and many people are becoming more careful about trusting Google with everything they do online.

Google Chrome Fix to make it run on Windows 7

Before I could run Google Chrome on Windows 7 I had to fix it. First I tried to update it, but it wouldn’t even connect to the update server:

Updating Google Chrome on Windows 7

Updating Google Chrome on Windows 7

After that, I was looking for a fix. Some sites suggested to add “–in-process-plugins” to the .exe

Fix Google Chrome on Windows 7

Fix Google Chrome on Windows 7

It worked, but my connection was still pretty slow I went straight for the developer edition, which you can grab here.

After closing Chrome, I tried to install it but it seems Google’s browser won’t stop their updating services properly:

Google Update Processes

Google Update Processes

In the end the dev edition was working a little bit better, but not much.

Personally, I just don’t see a reason to use Google Chrome!

I don’t want to bash Google, but it’s funny on a “Google Chrome Plugin Forum” one of the hot topics is “Top Firefox plugins that we need in Google Chrome“. Isn’t that a bit pathetic? Imitating firefox just to dominate another market niche? Well, firefox wasn’t built in one day, so if they would come up with something new and fix the major bugs I will use Google Chrome again.

Published: Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 Last Modified: February 22, 2014

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