Windows 7 God of War 3 Theme

Hot stuff: Download the awesome God of War 3 Windows 7 Theme!
So, guys, a little bit more than 1 month and we’ll be able to play God of War 3. If you can wait no longer, grab our theme, watch some trailers or play God of War 1 & 2.

God of War 3 Windows 7 Theme

God of War 3 Wallpaper

35 really cool God of War 3 HD Wallpaper. Browse through 20 of them:

God of War 3 Icons

Broken shields, treasures and blood are a good combination:

God of War 3 Desktop Icons

God of War 3 Cursors

Many buster sword cursors will give your mouse pointers a completely new appearance and make your PC look like you are currently ingame:

God of War 3 Cursors

Download God of War 3 Windows 7 Theme

You can download the Windows 7 God of War Theme from our download page:

God of War 3 Windows 7 Theme

Download Windows 7 God of War 3 Theme

God of War Font

If you ever wanted to write a letter using the God of War font, you can do that now. A tutorial that explains how to install fonts has been attached.

God of War Fonts

God of War 3 Sounds

Can you hear the thunder of the Olympus?

Windows VersionTheme Supported?
Windows 7 BasicPartially (Extract It)
Windows 7 HomeYes Tick.png
Windows 7 Home PremiumYes Tick.png
Windows 7 ProYes Tick.png
Windows 7 UltimateYes Tick.png
Windows 8 (All Versions)Yes Tick.png
Windows 10 (All Versions)Yes Tick.png
Published: Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 Last Modified: April 12, 2015

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