Bloody Dexter Windows 7 Theme

Dexter is another popular TV series that many of you watch regularly. If you’re a fan of Dexter, get this Windows 7 theme!

Dexter Windows Skin

Dexter Trivia:
The name of the show and main character Dexter obviously refers to “dexterity”. The name is often used in RPGs for characters that are good with bows or have a high dexterity.

In Australia they sopped advertising Dexter on a popular TV channel because the advertisement mentioned a city with a high number of serial killers (like Dexter).

Dexter Wallpaper:
The Windows 7 Dexter theme is a compilation of Dexter wallpapers:

Download Windows 7 Dexter Theme

If you have any cool Dexter sounds (WAV or MP3) post them below and it will be added to the Dexter theme.

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