Best Custom Windows 7 Themes

If you want to customize your Windows 7 desktop with new themes, the following guide will give you an overview of the best custom Windows 7 themes and their individual categories. This post is dedicated to all users who are new to our site and want to discover everything there is.

Best Custom Windows 7 Themes

Custom Windows 7 Movie Themes

If you are a movie buff, you will find tons of custom movie themes for Windows 7 on our site. A very wide range of movies: From Godfather to Harry Potter, there is everything you could possibly want.

Custom Movie Themes The Godfather
Download Godfather Themes

Custom Movie Themes Harry Potter
Download Harry Potter Themes

Custom Character Themes
Download Edward Cullen Themes

Custom Windows 7 Sports Themes

There are all sorts of custom sports themes on our sites (Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, Football, Boxing, …). If you want to customize your desktop with sports themes, here are a few examples. For more, follow the link below!

Custom Sports Themes Boxing
Download Boxing Themes

Custom Sports Themes UFC
Download UFC Themes

Custom Sports Themes Snowboarding
Download Snowboarding Themes

Custom Sports Themes Baseball
Download New York Mets Themes

Custom Sports Themes Soccer
Download Chelsea Themes

Custom Windows 7 Gaming Themes

This site is all about gaming. We have so many customized gaming themes with dozens of wallpapers to customize your Windows 7 desktop it will blow your mind! If you can’t find a certain gaming theme on our site, simply request it!

Custom Gaming Themes RIFT
Download Rift Themes
Custom Gaming Themes Dota 2
Download Dota 2 Themes

Custom Windows 7 TV Themes

There’s always something to watch on TV. If you are a TV nerd, you will find all sorts of Windows 7 themes dedicated to TV series. Here are two example of our custom TV themes:

Custom TV Themes Doctor Who
Download Doctor Who Themes

Custom TV Themes Vampire Diaries
Download Vampire Diaries Themes

Custom Windows 7 Anime Themes

We have a lot of custom Anime themes. Windows 7 users who are also fans of Naruto, Code Geass, Full Metal Alchmeist, Detective Conan, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z and many others can download themes like the two examples below:

Custom Anime Themes Hatsune Miku
Download Hatsune Miku Themes

Custom Anime Themes: Full Metal Alchemsit
Download Full Metal Alchemist Themes

Custom Windows 7 Car Themes has the largest collection of custom car themes on the net. No matter what you are looking for, Lamborghini themes, Ferrari themes, Aston Martin, VW, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, BMW, Bentley, Ford or Alfa Romeo and many many others.

Custom Car Themes Koenigsegg
Download Koenigsegg Agera Themes
Custom Car Themes Lamborghini
Download Lamborgini Themes
Custom Car Themes Aston Martin
Download Aston Martin Themes

Custom Windows 7 Cartoon Themes

Several cartoon themes for Windows 7 can be downloaded from our site to customize your desktop.

Custom Cartoon Themes Invader Zim
Download Invader Zim Themes

Custom Windows 7 3D Themes

Do you have some 3D glasses? If so, grab some of our very special 3D themes!

Custom 3D Themes: Tomb Raider
Download Real 3D Themes

Custom Windows 7 Celebrity Themes

Of course, we also have various customized celebrity themes. Here’s one of popular singer Miley Cyrus. For more follow the link.

Custom Celerbity Themes Miley Cyrus
Download Miley Cyrus Themes

Custom Abstract Themes

If you like abstract or minimalistic themes, check out our category of abstract Windows 7 themes!
Abstract Windows 7 Themes

Download Abstract Themes

Abstract Windows 7 Themes

Download Abstract Themes

Custom Organization Themes

We also have some more special custom themes for Windows 7, for example this CIA theme

Custom organization themes CIA
Download CIA Themes

More Custom Themes?

Still want more? We have a couple interesting lists of Windows 7 themes that you can check out:

New Windows 7 Themes

20 Newest Windows 7 Themes

More Windows 7 Themes

6 Nice Windows 7 Themes

There are too many lists to list them all here, so there will be a master list coming soon. Stay tuned. If you are looking for more Windows 7 custom themes, also check out the themes below and always use our search box to find even more!

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