Windows 7 Bugatti Theme (2014 Update)

Bugatti is well-known for some really inspirational car designs. If you’re a fan of Bugatti cars as well, download this Windows 7 theme:

Windows 7 bugatti Themebugatti Start Button

Bugatti Wallpaper for Windows 7

Bugatti Wallpapers included are:
Bugatti Veyron, Bugatti Renaissance, Bugatti Venom and other Bugatti cars. Especially the Veyron is one of the hottest cars of Bugatti, simply looks awesome.

Preview of 20:

Bugatti Desktop Icons

The Windows 7 bugatti theme also comes with new icons and a Start button:

Bugatti Windows 7 Desktop Icons

Bugatti Start Button

Bugatti Windows 7 Start Button

Download Windows 7 Bugatti Theme

This themepack file also works on Windows 8 / 8.1, but to install the Start button you will have to use the bitmap and a few 3rd party tools

Should you have any suggestion how to make the Bugatti theme better or if you have problems installing Windows 7 themes (shell themes) or need tech support, get in touch with us! We’re here to help.

Windows 7 bugatti Theme

Download Bugatti Theme Free

To install the bugatti Windows 7 theme on Vista, please read our tutorials and extract the contents of the theme.

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