Windows 7 Aion Theme

NCSoft’s MMO Aion is currently one of the most successful and popular MMO’s out there. Here’s the Windows 7 Aion Theme for all Aion fans!

Windows 7 Aion Theme Aion Start Button

Aion was awarded best MMORPG in 2009 by and is definitely one of the best looking PvP MMORPG’s out there. For me it doesn’t come close to Lineage 2, but Aion is definitely worth a look if you are new to MMO’s and enjoy PvP more than PvE.

Aion Wallpaper

Plenty of amazing Aion desktop wallpaper are included in the Aion Windows 7 theme:

Aion Desktop Icons

The Windows 7 Aion theme also comes with new icons and a Start button:

Aion Desktop Icons

Aion Start Button

Installing the Start button of the Aion theme is pretty easy now. Thanks to the Windows 7 Start button Changer you can change the Start button with a few clicks! Read the attached Windows 7 tutorials for help.

Aion Start Button

Download Windows 7 Aion Theme

The Aion theme will be updated from time to time. You can download the Aion Theme for Windows 7 here:
Windows 7 Aion Theme

Download Windows 7 Aion theme

To install the Aion Windows 7 theme on Vista, please read our tutorials and extract the contents of the theme. If you can contribute any Aion icons to the Windows 7 Aion theme we would appreciate that.

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