Where to download Windows 7 themes?

If you don’t know where to download Windows 7 themes on our site, let me show you the best sub-pages that allow you to quickly find what you are looking for!

Download Windows 7 Themes

250 free Windows 7 themes
By far the biggest site where you can download Windows 7 themes is our huge list of free Windows 7 themes

1 Package of 50 free themes:
If you don’t want to download Windows 7 themes one by one, you should check out our Windows 7 themes installer! It’s a package of 50 Windows 7 themes.

30 free Windows 7 shell themes:
If you are looking for more than just plain and simple wallpaper themes, you should check out 30 of the finest Windows 7 shell themes .

TOP Themes: Gaming, Movie, Car & Soccer Themes
We have many full themes that can be installed with just one click but will greatly change your desktop. Our TOP themes usually include: Start orbs, sounds, icons, wallpaper, screensaver and other goodies. Because it takes a lot of time to create the themes, you will have to complete a short survey to download them.

Download TOP Windows 7 Themes (1 survey required)

FAQ: Where can I download xxx theme?

Still don’t know where to download themes? If you really can’t find the theme you are looking for on our site, we recommend you use the search box on our site (you will find it after each post, labeled as “Search our website”). To find all themes on our site use google and add “site:windows7themes.net” at the end of your search query to search solely our site for themes.

FAQ: I still can’t find that theme!

If you still can’t find a theme on our site, please post a comment and ask for it. We also have many people who create their own Windows 7 themes. It would be greatly appreciated by us and all of our readers if you would take the time to learn how to create Windows 7 themes and then upload your own theme here. It will be featured on our site along with your message and username.

Published: Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 Last Modified: July 21, 2010

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