Want to Use Flickr and Facebook in Windows 8.1? Hold On:

Microsoft made a surprise move on Wednesday by making a blog post about the future of the Windows 8.1 photo app for its system. It is telling users the integration between the services of Flickr and Facebook won’t be included, and that is a surprise to some users.

With Microsoft removing the integration of Facebook and Flickr into the Windows 8.1 Photos app, Microsoft has stated that they want the solo apps to support sharing of photos. The latest changes along with the preview release of the Windows 8.1 Photos app is giving Windows 8.1 users new things to discover quickly.


No Longer Needed to Integrate With Windows 8.1

A Microsoft employee on Wednesday made the post surrounding the removal of Flickr and Facebook to its Windows 8.1 Photos app. He stated that is was no longer needed, now that the individual apps were available for Windows 8. The ability to share photos via those applications from within Windows 8.1 is the goal versus having them all combined into one photos app for Windows.

Adding to Confusion for Windows 8.1 Users

This latest move by Microsoft is the latest to confuse users of the Windows 8 operating system. The spokesperson with the blog post recommended people use the People app for social media sharing, but this will only confuse users even more as they are getting used to the latest Windows 8 system. This can only slow down the momentum that Windows 8 has in the computing world, but only time will see what happens here.

So, does this mean that Microsoft is moving forward or backwards when it comes to Windows 8? It really depends on who you ask, from the basic user, intermediate user, or advanced user. The touch interface has upset some, the desktop support has angered some, and this latest Photos app might do that again. Users are used to an operating system they can use daily, and making drastic changes to an operating system that they are just getting used to can make it even more difficult.

By removing Flickr and Facebook, two very popular services, Microsoft is making Windows 8.1 even more challenging for people to convert to and switch to on an everyday basis.

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