Tron Legacy Windows 7 Theme

Here’s the Tron Legacy theme for Windows 7 with some very cool HD wallpapers. Tron Legacy might challenge Inception this year. The futuristic designs of Tron Legacy are simply stunning. Take this design of a Tron motorbike for example:

Tron Legacy Windows 7 Theme

The HD wallpapers in this Windows 7 theme are some of the best promotional wallpapers I’ve seen lately. Kudos to Disney and the team of Tron Legacy for this awesome pack of HD wallpapers.

Tron Legacy HD Wallpapers

New Start Orb

Tron Windows 7 Start Button

Here is the hover effect of the Start button:

Tron Legacy Start Button Hover Effect

Download Tron Windows 7 Theme

Tron Legacy Theme

Download Windows 7 Mario Theme


Tron Evolution Pics & Gameplay

If you’re a fan of Tron, you should also check out the latest pictures and gameplay video of Tron Evolution, an upcoming Tron video game that will be released for XBOX360, PS3, PC, PSP, Wii, Nintendo DS.

More Tron Windows 7 Themes

If you have your own Tron themes, make sure to upload them to our site.

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9 Responses to Tron Legacy Windows 7 Theme

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Moe Smith said:

    the Tron Legacy zip file shows as corrupt every time i try to open it.

  2. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sOliver said:

    Thanks Moe for the report, will check that file and reupload in a min…

  3. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sOliver said:

    Reuploaded the theme, should be working now. If it still says the file is corrupt I’d give 7zip a try and if possible try it on your laptop or so.

  4. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Garret said:

    hey tried the theme, one problem thought I have a 1920 x 1800 res. How can I get a better looking wallpaper pic?

  5. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Mixo said:

    The Tron Legacy zip file shows as corrupt every time i try to open it also. I have tried 7zip and still no joy

  6. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    David said:

    How can you say these pics are HD when they are 550×274??? They’re all pixelated on my desktop which is only 1366×768!

  7. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    sOliver said:

    Was probably a mistake .. simply download the Tron theme uploaded by our users .. go to Site => upload themes .. CTRL + F tron

  8. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Jack said:

    Hey Guys.

    @ All

    Here is the link for excellent Tron Legacy Theme. For both Standard and widescreen resolutions. Even 1920 x 1200 is supported flawlessly.
    It also has some pretty nice audio.

    Download Torrent

    Its a torrent.

  9. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Krazy said:

    Ok I uploaded the torrent and I love it. But unfortunately the start up menu is still the same. How do I make it look like the orb (as pictured at top) ?

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