Torchlight 2 Desktop: Rainmeter Windows 7 Skins With New Custom Toolbar And Icons

Torchlight Launcher Toolbar_thumb2 If you’re a fan of Torchlight and Borderlands 2 you better learn how to use Rainmeter skins probably

New to Rainmeter? Start here

Download And Install The Skin + Windows 7/8 Theme

1. Step Head over to to download this incredible Torchlight bar (Mirror)

Torchlight Launcher Toolbar

2. Step Double-click the file torchlight_by_mckaym95-d5oykal.rmskin and if Rainmeter is on your system then it should auto-install

3. Step Download our Torchlight 2 theme

Editing And Customizing The Skins

4. Step Once you have both files you can start customizing your desktop a little to match the look of Torchlight 2 – right-click on the Rainmeter bar and click Edit Skin

5. Step As you can see now the buttons all have their own image file e.g. chromeb1.png – should you want to customize them, go to C:\Users\sOliver\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Torchlight (replace sOliver) with your own username

Rainmeter Skin Files

6. Step Create new icons and save them as PNG files – the dimensions are and should be small in filesize

7. Step The actual paths to the video games could be different on your PC. Open up the file with notepad++ and then modify the following lines:

app1path=C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Frozen Throne.exe
app2path=C:\Program Files\Runic Games\Torchlight\Torchlight.exe
app3path=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\WINWORD.exe
app4path=C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe
app5path=C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6\Project64.exe
app6path=C:\Program Files\Notepad++\Notepad++.exe
app7path=C:\Program Files\Gratuitous Space Battles\gsb.exe
app8path=C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\PaintDotNet.exe
app9path=C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe

Also modify the folder1path, folder2path, folder3path

Still have questions how to personalize this skin? Let us know in the comments

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