TOP10 Most-Wanted Windows 8 Features

Top 10 Most Wanted Windows 8 Features Another very exciting poll is about to end. This time you picked your most-wanted features for aka Windows 8. The poll clearly shows that there is a great interest in all of the features, out of 2000+ votes every single feature received at least 100 votes!

1. File Converter: 280 votes

File Converter for Windows 7

Your most wanted feature for Windows 8 is a file converter that is able to convert all common files. We often have to scour the web to find tools to convert files between different file formats. This is a major annoyance, so Microsoft please add a file converter that works as well as the File Blender file converter and is as easy to use.

Windows 7 solution:

File Converter for Windows 7

2. Theme Editor: 275 votes

This is a theme site – what did you expect? We want to customize stuff! We want our PC’s to be unique and look just how WE want it to look. A theme editor would give us more control and more power to customize our PC. There are some 3rd-party editors to modify the shell of Windows 7, but it’s obvious that many of your are looking for an easy way to modify the graphics and colors of Windows 7.

3. Password-Protection: 235 votes

How to password protect folder in Windows 7

Yep, this is a VERY common request! Windows 8 should include a feature that allows everyone to password protect the most sensitive files on a hard drive. We’re living in a digital age and almost everything can be stored online, but that doesn’t mean we want to anyone to access it.

Windows 7 solution:

How to password-protect folders in Windows 7

4. Hardware Diagnostic Tool: 198 votes

Windows 7 Hardware Diagnostic Tool

How’s your shiny new PC doing? Is the CPU reaching a critical core temperature? Are there any hardware errors and what graphic card model is my PC using?

Windows 7 solution:

Windows 7 Hardware Diagnostic Tools
CPU Temperature Monitoring Software

5. Improved Network Sharing: 184 votes

Come on! Seriously, the network sharing feature of Windows 7 ain’t the best one. Sharing files between Windows 7 PC’s can become a very difficult task that requires hours of troubleshooting, I won’t even mention file sharing between Windows 7 and Vista/XP PC’s. Firewalls, user rights and a lot of other contributing factors can make it an impossible task for end-users. A lot of room for improvements.

6. Built-in Password Manager: 161 votes

Windows 7 Password Manager

All of us are active on dozens of forums, social sites like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace and loads of other sites that all have something in common – they require a password. Passwords. Passwords. Passwords. They are everywhere! You could use one single password for all sites, but that’s not recommended due to security reasons, so in the end you will need a password manager. How about a built-in password manager for

Windows 7 solution:

Password Manager for Windows 7

7. Plug & Play Cloud Computing: 154 votes

Windows 8 Features Cloud Computing

The cloud is the future. should allow us to make use of it and use the power of multiple PC’s combined. 154 of you agree that requires plug&play cloud computing.

8. Simplified Rights Management: 129 votes

129 of you agree that the rights management of Windows 7 is still a disaster. The MAC rights management is more efficient, but is it more secure? Nonetheless, there is clearly room for improvements in

9. Shortcut Manager: 136 votes

Shortcut Manager Windows 7

Shortcuts make us more productive. There are dozens of built-in shortcuts, but of course we want to customize them and also define our very own shortcuts for running our very own commands.

Windows 7 solution:

How to create shortcuts in Windows 7
List of Windows 7 Shortcuts

10. Improved e-Mail Client: 128 votes

Is Windows Live Essentials really a good replacement for the Windows Live Mail Client? Microsoft clearly wants us to buy Outlook / Office 2010, but it would be great to have a good built-in mail client, wouldn’t it?

Other Features: 60 votes

The following is a list of “Other” entries. This was completely your call, so it’s not edited. Network backups, universal remote capability, explorer with tabs and a taskbar that supports multiple monitors are definitely features that should be considered. It should also be underlined that many seem to have compatibility and security concerns and also do not like the current Internet Explorer 8. A MAC emulation is of course impossible, as well as 100% compatibility with older programs.

network backup (in all versions)
Universal Remote Capability
improve the fast acess internet acess
more anti viruses
boost up
harddisk password
More Themes
100% compatibility with software for windows 98,2000,xp
movie photo editing
tag editor
compatible with old and new microsoft programmings.. specially VB6..
More gadgets
high speed
XP Explorer features
WIFI Network remote computer control software
A Taskbar Like The Mac
trackpad gestures
game booster(for heavy games)
Not to remove older features, but just add more!
Over 100 theme Avatar :D
take out features from the default install and let the user select them if necc.
MAC OS Emulation
proper font size and pages
customizable start menu button
Comes With Firefox not IE
new avatars
e-Mail Client like Outlook Express
open program as admin if we are logged on as admin
a better built in anti virus
built-in good games
fully enabled bash
A translator
windows media player improved
give 3d look desktop
calendar like vista
software for extreme gamers
better start menu
included RSS client
improved video player that supports all formats
shell theme
Windows official torrent downloader preinstalled
password for hardisk
Tabbed explorer,taskbar customiser (7Stacks), Scalable desktop (Madotate)
download/transfer pause for those huge transfers and bad web connections
Better Windows 8 Theme, Windows 7 was too much like vista
Multiple monitor taskbar

5 of 5 0 (100%) 1 vote
- Cheers!

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2 Responses to TOP10 Most-Wanted Windows 8 Features

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    mrenigma said:

    boost up
    harddisk password
    More Themes
    100% compatibility with software for windows 98,2000,xp
    movie photo editing

    There is already a harddisk password service on windows 7, it is in the control panel called bitlocker or something like that.

  2. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Justin said:

    1) how often do you really need to convert files?
    I feel as though this request is coming from someone pirating movies/music and can’t play them on their choice device. Just buy your content and rip it to the files you want.

    2) Editing a theme is tricky business and should not be left available to the typical end user. The thought of my parents trying to beautify their desktop frightens me. Expecting microsoft to give this much control to your every-day moron is just silly.

    3)Ok, I’ll give you this one, though in theory, each user account should have their own password and if you leave the computer you should log out. BUT, this would be a convenient feature to hide certain private information.

    4)While windows 7 did a great job of just having or automatically installing drivers for just about all the hardware under the sun, not all hardware has the capability to report vital stats the same way, which is why graphics chip manufacturers ship their own utilities to monitor the video card performance. I doubt you’ll see these stats show up in win8 just because of how many different hardware configs there are in the market.

    5)If you can’t make windows 7 network nicely, you should get some more practice. It’s the easiest OS to network there is.

    6)If you need a password manager beyond a notebook in a locked desk drawer, you’re just asking for a hacker to steal your identity.

    7)the greater portion of windows users are only just hearing the buzz about “to the cloud” and windows 8 will be bringing some of that to the table with “live mesh” as a way to always “have your files” anywhere you are. and that’s about as complicated as anyone needs to make it. Not to mention, who out there would be paying for the cloud servers? Unless MS decides to sell subscription plans to powerful cloud servers, this will not be fully realized in the manner your list suggests.

    8)Again with the advanced user stuff. What are you people doing that you need to be editing the rights of your files so frequently? On the few occasions I need to edit these it has been quite simple. MS has bigger fish to fry than messing with the rights system right now.

    9) I’ll agree with this one. I use a combination of registry edits and mouse hotkey managing to bind keys to functions of different applications, and it would be incredibly convenient to do this all from one place for all the programs.

    10) Seems like someone didn’t pay attention that “live Essentials” actually is a suite of software that includes the latest version of “windows live mail”. I’ll admit it isn’t the smoothest running software, but it’s very full featured and should work just fine for anyone who’s not running a busy office and managing several workers or a department.

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