The Week In Review: Angry Birds, Windows 8 Pro, Diablo 3, SSD, Jumbo Frames, Clean Themes

This Week In Review Angry Birds Max Payne 3.Jpg Missed our posts this week? No worries, we’ve got a nice summary for you to quickly review this week and read our best posts.

Angry Birds Space Windows 7 Theme With 8 Wallpapers And Icons

  Posted: March 29   Filed under:Windows 7 Video Game Themes – by oliversk

Angry Birds Space theme

Loving the new Angry Birds Space game? Get this Windows 7 theme with 8 backgrounds + icons

Legend Of Grimrock: Windows 7 Theme For Top Indie Game! (Dungeon Crawler)

  Posted: March 30   Filed under:Windows 7 Video Game Themes – by oliversk

Legend Of Grimrock Windows 7 Theme With Coolest Games
You want to go retro this weekend? Check out The Legend of Grimrock. Get this Windows 7 theme with 6 amazing HD backgrounds for your desktop.

New Versions: Windows 8 Professional Edition, Known as Pro

  Posted: March 29   Filed under:Windows 8 News – by Jon

New Versions Windows 8 Pro Edition Unveiled

More editions surface for Microsoft’s upcoming operating system. A “Windows 8 Pro” edition has been unveiled that seems to replace the Professional edition.

13 Tips To Speed Up Diablo 3, Decrease Latency And Increase FPS

  Posted: March 29   Filed under:Speed Up Windows – by oliversk

Diablo 3 Launcher Disable Peer To Peer Already enjoying the Diablo 3 beta, but you have a high latency or low FPS? Make sure to speed up Diablo 3 with the following 13 tips.

First Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Details And Info

  Posted: March 29   Filed under:Gaming News – by Jon

Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Info
Max Payne 3′s multiplayer part will have a bullet time, but only when in line of sight. More details after the break.

How To Check The Health Of Your SSD? (Power On Hours, Raw Read Error Rate, Lifespan)

  Posted: March 29   Filed under:SSD Optimization – by oliversk

Ssd Health Status Power On Hours2

SSD’s are known to have a shorter lifespan than regular hard drives and the wrong Windows settings can lower it even more, here’s how you would check the health of your Windows SSD.

Check BIOS Version in Windows 7,8 Without Entering The BIOS Using MSINFO32

  Posted: March 29   Filed under:Tutorials – by oliversk

Using Msinfo32 To Get Bios Date Plus Version Upgrading your BIOS can be necessary to unlock additional motherboard features. Here’s how you would first check the BIOS version on Windows 7 without actually rebooting and entering it.

Productivity Tip: Quickly Switch Between Multiple Instances e.g. Chrome Windows

  Posted: March 29   Filed under:Productivity Tips – by oliversk

Productivity Switch Between Windows Here’s a quick tip how to navigate Windows 7 more quickly and how to switch between multiple instances (e.g. all of your opened Google Chrome or IE10 windows)

Show Multiple Clocks On Windows 7 Taskbar

  Posted: March 29   Filed under:Tutorials – by oliversk

Show All Three Clocks If you are travelling a lot or simply need to be aware of multiple time zones, simply show multiple clocks in your Windows 7 taskbar.

Two And A Half Men Windows 7 Theme With HD Wallpaper Of Charlie And Co

  Posted: March 28   Filed under:Windows 7 TV Themes – by oliversk

Two And A Half Men Windows 7 Theme
Two And A Half-Men is still one of the funniest shows on TV, get this new Windows 7 theme with wallpapers of the first seasons including pictures of Charlie Sheen.

Updated The Walking Dead Themes With 12 HD Wallpapers

  Posted: March 28   Filed under:Windows 7 TV Themes – by oliversk

The Walking Dead New Theme With Updated Hd wallpapers
The Walking Dead is a great show for horror fans. Here’s an updated Windows 7 theme with 12 HD wallpapers.

Speed Up LAN: Should I Enable Jumbo Frames And Do I Need A New Broadband Router?

  Posted: March 28   Filed under:Tutorials – by oliversk

Enabling Jumbo Frames To Speed Up Lan File TransferIf you are using a modern network router or switch that supports JUMBO frames and you want to speed up your LAN file transfers, then try this.

Troubleshooting Internet Connection Problems in Windows 7 (Part 2)

  Posted: March 28   Filed under:Tutorials – by oliversk

Troubleshooting Internet Connection Problems In Windows 7.Jpg If you are opening the Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome and get an error “couldn’t load website” for all sites, here’s how you’d troubleshoot your connection problems.

4 Very Clean Amazing Windows 7 Themes With Glass, Transparent Shell

  Posted: March 28   Filed under:Custom Themes – by oliversk

Transparent Glass Windows 7 Themes With Amazingly Clean Shell Here are 4 of the best clean Windows 7 themes with an incredible stunning shell. If you are looking for something special, give the following visual styles a try

New Version of Kinect Features Improved Skeletal Tracking, New Language

  Posted: March 28   Filed under:Gaming News, Microsoft – by Jon

Xbox Kinect Skeletal Tracking.gif
The Kinect skeletal tracking features gets an upgrade real soon. Version 1.5 to feature “10-joint” skeleton

GTA V Details Leaked by Ex-Rockstar Employee (Part 2) – New chase and wanted levels

  Posted: March 28   Filed under:Gaming News – by Jon

Gta 5 Details Leaked

More details about GTA 5 are unveiled. Criminal underworld now in

List With 10 Windows 7 Themes: Simple But Elegant

  Posted: March 25   Filed under:Custom Themes – by oliversk

Simple But Elegant Windows 7 ThemesYou don’t like too fancy themes? How about downloading the following 10 awesome themes for Windows 7 that are very simple, yet very elegant.

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Published: Friday, March 30th, 2012 Last Modified: April 4, 2012

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