The Best Tuneup Software for Windows 7

Is your PC slow? You can read our tutorial how to speed up Windows 7. Then use one of the best tuneup software for Windows 7 to make your PC fly again.
Best tune up software for Windows 7

Tip: TuneUpUtilities and GlarySoft might be the most popular tune up utilities but there are many other great tools to speed up your system on the market.

A computer is much like a car: at first, it operates smoothly and responds quickly, but with time and wear-and-tear, it develops problems and slows down. Eventually, cars and computers need a tuneup, which will make it run faster and better again. A digital “tuneup” does all kinds of work on the virtual insides of your machine, and the best tuneup software for Windows 7 should make your machine work almost like new.

What Tuneup Software Does

Advanced System Optimizer
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Last Updated: 2011-07-11
Operating System: Windows 7/8
Filesize: 1.15 MB

Oliver Krautscheid rates Advanced System Optimizer Software 5 out of 5 stars - Some Pros and Cons:

PC tuneup software is also called PC utilities software. It is designed to do many things, including clean up the registry, repair the hard drive’s malfunctions, free up space on the drive, optimize the system’s processes, and recover and/or repair lost or corrupted data. The utilities will help fix issues that slow your machine’s functioning, get rid of the virtual clutter, security problems, and inefficient and unnecessary system settings. In short, running the best tuneup software for Windows 7 will extend your computer’s life span and make it work much more efficiently.

AVG PC Tuneup 2011

Free Best Tuneup Software Download

This best tuneup software for Windows 7 is produced by the same company that makes AVG internet security software. AVG PC Tuneup 2011 is fast and cleans up, repairs and optimizes your system quickly and easily. It features one-touch system repair and real-time monitoring, and the Advanced Tools menu allows users to delve deeply into their hard drive to ferret out problems. Your system will work faster and smoother immediately. It is $29.99 for a single user license, which must be renewed every year, so it ends up being more expensive than other programs.

Advanced System Optimizer

The best tuneup software for Windows 7 according to numerous review sites is Advanced System Optimizer. This utility program is inexpensive at $29.95, and it is very powerful and easy to use, although the sheer volume of features could overwhelm entry-level users. It makes it possible to scan your machine and with one click eliminate junk data, de-frag your hard drive, remove spyware and malware, repair and optimize your system registry, and update drivers for devices and software. It is also fast and extremely thorough, with real-time monitoring.

Iolo System Mechanic 10

This top-rated program was ranked by PC Magazine as the best tuneup software for Windows 7, with a nearly perfect score. You can do a quick or deep analysis and fix all manner of problems, from cleaning out your registry to de-fragging the hard drive. It will optimize the system, eliminate corrupt, redundant or outdated programs and data, and update drivers. The patent-pending Program Accelerator will re-align files on the hard drive to make it run faster and smoother. Overall, this is a quick, powerful, and easy to use program, and only costs $49.99.

Comodo System Repair

Comodo System Repair
Secure Free Download Report broken: comment
Last Updated: 2011-07-11
Operating System: Windows 7/8
Filesize: 1.15 MB

Oliver Krautscheid rates Comodo System Repair Software 4 out of 5 stars - Some Pros and Cons:

If you want a free utility, Comodo System Repair is a good option. It is among the best tuneup software for Windows 7 because it is easy to use and measurably improves system performance. When compared to one of the powerful paid programs, it isn’t as thorough and doesn’t go as deep into the system, but it still finds and repairs all the necessary items. It has a one-touch system repair function that makes it simple. It does lack a “back” function for scrolling through the list of problems, and it doesn’t have real-time monitoring, but for a free program, it’s great.

Everyone needs to have a system utilities program for cleaning up and maintaining their computer. Whether you choose from among the paid or free best tuneup program for Windows 7 options, run them frequently, to keep your PC running smoothly and to extend its life.

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