SWTOR Planets: Returning to Taris

The most popular planet of the Star Wars game Knights of the Old Republic is probably the planet Taris. The developers have revealed some more details about the Planet and how it will be included in the MMO Star Wars the Old Republic.

One of my favorite planets is Manaan, but so far there will be only 3 of the original planets included: Korriban, Tatooine and Taris.
I loved the water world of Manaan so much and for me it was Manaan that made the first part of KOTOR a game to remember, but I also agree with Scott Carpenter (World Lead Designer) that Taris is also a very iconic planet of the SWTOR franchise and including a destroyed Taris is a very cool idea, I can’t wait to see it for myself.

It looks like Bioware is right on track for a 2011 release and this will definitely one of my most-anticipates games of 2011!

What’s your favorite planet of KOTOR?

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One Response to SWTOR Planets: Returning to Taris

  1. Orange Community Approved Comment:
    Jimmie said:

    Well I really liked Manaan too, but then I thought Kashyyyk was awesome as well. Though the last one, the Rakatan planet was awesome too xD In the second one my favourite planet was probably, hmm this one’s tricky too. Maybe Dxun, Telos or Onderon. To be fair I can’t pick which one of the 3 I enjoy the most, maybe Onderon though.

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